The Redwood Realms

         This was a outdoor fantasy larp that I hurriedly threw together for a friend's 13th birthday party in the summer of 2009. My requests from the birthday girl were as follows:

         In addition, from later logistics, I knew we had to get done with dinner, the game, and cake in about two and a half hours.

The Location

We chose Edgewood Park in Redwood City as a balance of ease of getting to and facilities while still having a feeling of being in nature. We picked the area by campground #2 specifically (cf. Google Maps). Liz made an excellent in-character map of the area:

The System

The birthday girl brought

Cast of Characters

Below is the list of characters, divided into their three in-character groups. I was originally expecting 10 to 12. In the end, there were only 6 seventh-graders with the main parts, plus 2 adults and 3 younger kids (ages 10, 9, and 6) playing who had less central roles. I'm not including myself, as I was acting mainly as organizer, observer, and referee. We were missing one seventh-grader who had to cancel at the last minute. The gender balance was 5 girls and 1 boy among the older kids; 2 girls and 1 boy among the younger; and 1 man and 2 woman of the adults. There were also E's parents and grandparents present but not playing. I had originally made characters for them but they opted out. Characters not played below are marked with strikeout.

The Royals

The Druids

The Bandits


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