The Tower of Time

The tower is an enormous spiral built of a strange horn-like substance, approximately 300 feet to its tip.

1st Floor: Guest and Throne rooms

The horn double doors of the entrance lead to a corridor which goes straight to the central stairs. A door to the left leads to guest rooms, while a corridor to the right goes to the throne room and main dining hall. The entrance hall has a trap triggered by a plate in the floor. Upon triggering, a horn bulwark slides across to block off the corridor to the stairs, while the hall to the throne room is cut off by five sets of iron bars.

The throneroom has a 2nd floor gallery which looks down on it, and a throne carved apparently from solid emerald.

2nd Floor: Servants Quarters

A secret entrance on this floor leads up to the servants quarters, storeroom, and kitchens. There is also a church-like room with pews and an altar with a large, conch-like spiral.

To the right on this floor are the galleries which overlook the throneroom. Near the center is a barracks with a secret entrance down to the first floor. Adjacent to the barracks is a practice ring area where armor suits and weapons on the outside wall come to life.

3rd Floor:

This floor is split into four huge quadrant rooms. The level has a circular corridor at the center, and four corridors which go to the edge. Each corridor ends with a single door on the left, which leads into a small entryway, which then has a curtain which leads into the large rooms. Clockwise from upper left, these are:

  1. A garden room. There is a small entryway with a curtain into the garden proper, at the edge of the tower. Waterfalls are in the two corners with the outer wall. The water comes up warm and then cools off as it passes through various pools and streams.
  2. A jungle room with vegetation overgrowing tables and vats. There is a small entryway with a curtain leading in, and light seems to glow from the walls.
  3. Library with reading tables opposite the entryway.
  4. A theatre with chandeliers and a raised platform on the side by the tower center. The outer wall is a wooden wall of draws which are pulled out to form bleachers.

4th Floor: Headquarters(?)

This is the first level with a balcony and hence the first floor which the band entered. The stairs open out to a corridor down which leads to a huge room (forming a chord of the tower) which has a magic mural overlooking the landscape. The corridor also has a branch left that leads to living quarters and a secret door to a strange sparring practice room.

From the mural room is an entrance to a library (with monastic cells adjoining it), that further leads to a large armory.

5th Floor: Luxury Apartments

There is a circular corridor in the center with four branches leading off, each of which goes to a set of luxury apartments.

6th Floor: Storage

Nearly all of this floor is an open area stacked floor to ceiling with boxes. On the upper part is a hall which leads to the floor's balcony.

7th Floor: Magic Maze

A non-Euclidean maze of twisty passages all alike.

8th Floor: Sealed Off

The entrance from the stairs is sealed off by mortar around a tower-horn plug, which seems impenetrable. The outside balcony is only bricked over, however.

9th Floor: Darkness

This floor is covered in a magical darkness. Most of the floor seems to be water.

9th Floor: Balcony

This is a very small floor dominated by the outer balcony which goes all the way around.

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