Skill List

Art - Painting, Sculpture, Forgery
Biology - Animals, Plants, First Aid, Medicine
Chemistry - Acids, Chemicals, Explosives, Drug synthesis
Computer Science - Hacking, Web searching, Viruses
Craft, Design and Technology - Driving, Metalwork, Carpentry, Mechanics
Current Affairs - World and local news, High society scandal, Underworld activity
Drama - Imitation, Acting, Disguise
Economics - Buying, Selling, Trade, Haggling, Shopping
Electronics - Electrical repair, Modern locks, Bomb timers, Security systems
English - Poetry, Writing, Persuasion, Oration
Games (Team sports) - Sports, Hockey, Unarmed combat, Armed melee combat
Games (Track and Field) - Athletics, Running, Climbing, Stealth, Sneaking
Games (Marksman) - Thrown weapons, Firearms, Archery, Heavy weapons
Geography - Weather forecasting, Tracking, Field-craft, Trails, Survival
History - Military history, Tactics and strategy, Politics, Legal skills
Home Economics - Cookery, Housekeeping, Potions, Poisons, Herbalism
Languages - Communication, Specific language
Leadership - Inspiration, Team organisation, Torture, Interrogation
Maths - Financing, Stock market dealing, Gambling, Betting
Music - Music trivia, Play instrument
Needlework - Sewing, Fashion, Textiles, Lock picking, Pick pockets, Safecracking
Observation - Perception, Searching
Physics - Natural law, Engineering, Trap construction
Religious Studies - Ritual, Occult, Demonology, Necromancy, Witchcraft
Social Studies - Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Empathy, Seduction, Detecting lies
Veterinary - Animal training, Falconry, Horse riding, Veterinary medicine