Felicity Stanhouse -- Games Mistress

Felicity comes from a long line of wealthy career military. Her upper-class family have been officers in the armed forces for as long as they can remember. Fiercely patriotic, Felicity was no exception and served with distinction as an officer in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and Iraq.

However, in her last exchange, she caught a piece of shrapnel in her leg and was forced to retire, not just due to physical injury but the mental trauma of her postings had taken their toll. Felicity loves teaching the girls, especially as they are always keen to hear old war stories. She considers them her platoon and treats them accordingly.

Dr Margery Banks -- Biology Mistress

Dr Banks has practiced medicine for many years, but under several different names, as her methods keep getting her struck off. She sees patients as simple machines and has no problem with causing a few aches and pains in the service of expanding science. St Erisian's is the only place left where her reputation hasn't followed her, and the only laboratory facility she has access to for her own dark research.

Anthony Milton -- English teacher

Mr Milton's classes are always quiet and well attended. He's never had any trouble from the girls and always found them attentive and interested in his lessons. This may have something to do with his being stunningly attractive. This, coupled with his apparently 'poetic soul' as an English teacher, makes him the object of affection for just about every girl in the school. In his class, all the girls are on their best behaviour, hoping to impress him but, outside the class, the gloves come off.

Millicent Steamworthy -- Maths Mistress

This rather doddery old lady actually has a mind like a steel trap. Her head for numbers has made her one of the world's best poker players. In various online sites, she plays as 'Bret Munchkin', a loud and bullying Texan, and has a world reputation that couldn't be more different than her own. Millicent advises the girls on not only their long division, but also their stock portfolios and gambling techniques.

Erasmus Worm -- R.E. Master

The religious education teacher lives out of the sunlight in the basement of the school. He dresses in very old fashioned clothes that always seem a little dusty. His skin is pale and grey and he constantly mumbles to himself. When not teaching, he is studying arcane books and locking himself in his office for days at a time. He always seems on guard, as if something is following him. The girls (who have learnt enough to understand what they are) think that he might be some sort of zombie or lich. Some suspect that the thing he is so frightened of is death itself.

Cécile Delasinge -- French Mistress

The dark and elegant Miss Delasinge never talks about her past, but rumours persist that she used to work for the French secret service. She has a melancholy air that many of the girls are drawn to (especially the Goths) and talks often of old lovers who all seem to have died mysteriously.