Torin is a Shek Pvar of the Lyahvi Convocation. He was born a rural serf on Melderyn, a poor child and an orphan by his fourth year. However, he had a great talent for magic and despite lack of connections or even basic needs at times, he managed to be trained as a Shek Pvar and excelled at it. He is a devoted patriot of Melderyn, and a Peonian. However, he is also ambitious to prove himself.


HârnMaster Stats

Torin                             Human Male, age 25

Birthday: Azura 11                Birth Sign: Hirin (the Eagle)
Birth Place: Melderini            Parent Occupation: [Serf] Farmer, rural
Sibling Rank: Orphan, 5th eldest of 6
Family Relations: Average         Clanhead: Distant relation
Medical Conditions: Birthmark     Handedness: Right
Frame: Medium         Height: 64''           Weight: 137 lbs (size 6)
Complexion: Fair      Hair Color: Blond      Eye Color: Green

Strength: 10          Dexterity: 12            Intelligence: 13
Stamina: 12           Agility: 15              Aura: 18
                                               Will: 16
      Eyesight: 17                Comliness: 10 (Average)
      Hearing: 6                  Voice: 12 (Pleasant)
      Smell/Taste: 9              Morality: 11 (Law-Abiding)

Climbing		[auto]	[Str Dex Agl]+0=12	SB4	48  __
Condition		[auto]	[Str Sta Wil]+0=13	SB5	65  __
Jumping			[auto]	[Str Agl Agl]+2=15	SB4	60  __
Legerdemain		[occ]	[Dex Dex Wil]+0=13	SB3	39  __
Stealth			[auto+]	[Agl Hrg Wil]+2=14	SB4	56  __
Throwing		[auto]	[Str Dex Eye]+2=15	SB4	60  __
Awareness		[auto+]	[Eye Hrg Sml]+2=13	SB5	65  __
Intrigue		[auto+]	[Int Aur Wil]+0=16	SB4	64  __
Mental Conflict		[opt]	[Aur Wil Wil]+0=17	SB4	68  __
Oratory			[auto]	[Cml Voi Int]+0=12	SB2	24  __
Rhetoric		[auto]	[Voi Int Wil]+0=14	SB3	42  __
Singing			[auto]	[Hrg Voi Voi]+0=10	SB3	30  __
Language: Harnic	[auto]	[Int Wil Wil]+0=15	60+SB	75  __
Script: Likase		[occ]	[Int Int Wil]+0=14	70+SB2	98  __
Lyahvi			[occ+]	[Aur Aur Eye]+3=21	SB4	84  __
Neutral			[occ]	[Aur Aur Wil]+0=17	SB2	34  __
Clairvoyance		[spec]	[Aur Aur Wil]+0=17	SB1	17  __
Disembodiment		[spec+]	[Aur Aur Wil]+1=18	SB4	72  __
Agriculture		[fam]	[Str Sta Wil]+0=13	SB3	39  __
Arcane Lore		[occ+]	[Int Int Wil]+0=14	SB3	42  __
Cooking			[exp]	[Dex Sml Sml]+0=10	SB3	30  __
Folklore		[occ+]	[Voi Int Int]+0=13	SB5	65  __
Glassworking		[occ]	[Dex Eye Wil]+0=15	SB3	45  __
Jewelcraft		[occ]	[Dex Eye Wil]+0=15	SB3	45  __
Mathematics		[occ]	[Int Int Wil]+0=14	SB2	28  __
Weatherlore		[fam]	[Int Eye Sml]+1=14	SB3	42  __
Initiative		[auto]	[Agl Wil Wil]+0=16	SB4	64  __
Unarmed Combat		[auto]	[Str Dex Agl]+0=12	SB4	48  __
Bow			[opt]	[Str Dex Eye]+1=13	SB2	26  __
Spear			[opt]	[Str Str Dex]+0=11	SB4	44  __
- Staff			[opt]	[Str Str Dex]+0=11	SB6	66  __
Riding			[opt]	[Dex Agl Wil]+0=14	SB2	28  __

Skill Allocation Log:
  Family: Agriculture OML+SB, Weatherlore OML
  Admitted to a three-star chantry (rolls 92, 93, 80)
  Shek-Pvar: Lyahvi CSB3, Neutral CSB2, Arcane Lore SB2,
             Local Script 70+SB2, Folklore/4, Mathematics/2, 
  Lyahvi: Legerdemain/3, Glassworking/3, Jewelcraft/3
  Option Points (5): Bow, Spear, Mental Conflict, Awareness, Riding
  Veteran Year One (3): Lyahvi, Folklore, Disembodiment
  Veteran Year Two (3): Stealth, Disembodiment(2)
  Veteran Year Three (3): Intrigue, Spear (Staff), Arcane Lore

  Focus, Dispel
  18 option points
  [1] Aeric's Whisper
  [2] Hlandor's Flash
  [3] Prism of Gethan
  [4] Beam of Nolar
  [7] Maslor's Charm

  9 veteran option points
  [2] Tongue of Pvara
  [4] Jorum
  [1] Beacon of Isala
  [2] Torin's Focused Ears

  Funds = 80d family + (16% x 720d per year x 3 years) = 80 + 345 = 425d

   36d   Staff
   64d   Calf boots (leather)
   16d   Cap
   44d   Tunic
   44d   Leggings
   24d   Shortbow
   15d   Dozen arrows
   --    Box of Endothan (one of a set of two)
           A green-tinted metal box found when excavating a barrow in 
           in the Western Dathshire moors.  It transfers anything within
           to the paired box in Gedan.  
   --    One Critical Lyahvi foci (CS = +16)
   --    Three Normal Lyahvi foci (MS = +8) -- one sent to Gedan
   --    Two Neutral foci (MS = +3)
   --    Talisman with Nurture of Isla [Fyvria 3] stored
   80d   Lexigraphic supplies (ink, quills, parchment)
    6d   Rope, fathom

  329d   Subtotal

   96d   Spare funds
   32d   Passage to Thay from Melderyn
  +15d   Azura income
  +30d   Azura expenses


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