The Glooming Isle Timeline

Agrazhar 30 (Late Summer)
In the evening, Farn of Dolan hosts a dinner party which the PCs attend. On the way home, they find the severed arm of Ubalos Karnak the sailor on the road.
Azura 1 (Early Autumn)
The PCs visit the Irreproachable Order of the Peonian church where Ubalos' body was stolen from, and astrally search the connected catacombs. Zarisa finds a box of the drug habsulum in the order's garden. During the night, the body of Abo (a guard recently murdered), disappeared from the shop of the embalmer.
Azura 2 (Early Autumn)
The PCs visit the embalmer Erdin of Baldris, and spot a soulless rat in the shop. Outside the city, Torin stuffs a focus crystal down the throat of the guard's killer in a gibbet outside of down. That evening, they go to another another dinner party at Farn's house, where he refers them to Nasheo of Falani who had captured such a rat. They discuss with Nasheo.
Azura 3 (Early Autumn)
Early in the morning, the body in the gibbet was taken. Torin follows his focus to the home of the physician Morstand of Halsa, whom they eventually confront and incapacitate.
Azura 4-18 (Early Autumn)
Research on the results of Morstan's experiments. Zarisa researches his alchemical supplies while Torin writes a treatise on the hand.
Azura 18 (Early Autumn)
A grievously injured man appears at the godstone in the basement of the Guild of Arcane Lore in Cherafir. The other end was blocked by stone and earth. Torin writes to his contact in Gedan about the incident, but Zarisa learns that the other end was in the vicinity of Thay.
Azura 21 (Early Autumn)
The PCs depart for Thay by sea passage.
Azura 26 (Early Autumn)
After windy weather but good time, the PCs arrive in Thay. Torin learns by letter that there is a godstone at the temple at Gedan. They visit the chantry across the river from Thay.
Azura 27 (Early Autumn)
At first light, the PCs leave from the chantry to head out to Telumar.
Azura 30 (Early Autumn)
During a storm, the PCs take shelter in a cave near the river. An old man, Jaarede, claims to be from Telumar and warns them to leave.
Halane 1 (Early Autumn)
The PCs proceed with Jaarede to the Telumar ruins, and contact the mage living there, Lepridis.
Halane 4 (Mid-Autumn)
The PCs confront Lepridis after the death of his Bujoc associate Jaarede, and subdue him in a brief struggle. Later, Zerisa collapses and Embran stabs the captive Lepridis, killing him.
Halane 6 (Mid-Autumn)
The PCs start back from Telumar with the apprentice Lalea.
Halane 21 (Mid-Autumn)
Zarisa enters the city of Thay and inquires about a woman who looks like her. On her way back to the Sybil Inn, someone places a letter in her pocket. She reads it in private with Gerik, but both of them are blinded by some curse. Later, she possesses Torin's body to read it using a spell. The letter says roughly:
The Khala has been discretely inquiring about the grave of Aedan-Kor. This is no treasure hunter, he knows of the shadow who waits there. I do not know his scheme, which has stayed my hand. The dissolute, hairless swine has been spending his time drunk in the lap of whores. I think he is waiting for something.

That night, they slip out but are ambushed on the way to the ferry. They survive and spend the night at the Larani temple.
Halane 22 (Mid-Autumn)
They go to the Kusella chantry in the morning, where Zarisa and Gerik's blindness is cured. They return to Thay in the evening to investigate further.


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