Non-Player Characters

Cherafir NPCs

Farn of Dolon
A reclusive Odivshe mage in Cherafir, known as an eccentric genius who tends to stay in his house. The PCs visited his parties on Agrazhar 30 and Azura 2.
Morstand of Halsa
The physician who was trying to perfect reanimation of the dead, stealing human corpses while letting his animal creations loose upon the city.
Nasheo of Falani
A Pehlean Shek Pvar (i.e. fire mage) who had found a soulless rat in Cherafir, indirectly helping the party to apprehend the grave-robbing physician Morstand.

Torin's Contacts

Thonath of Entor - Third cousin, male (Enemy of Torin)
A villein in Melderyn. He's angry at you for escaping the serfdom he couldn't. The more you try to distance yourself from your peasant background, the more he hates you.
Jens of Lynksen - Mercenary, male (Enemy of Torin)
An Ivinian mercenary from Orbaal, and now a guard at Nurisel. You are not quite sure why he took a dislike to you. He has not been overtly hostile to you in front of others, but one day your master at the chantry warned you to stay clear of him.
Flom of Tek - Serf, male (Acquaintance of Torin)
A serf in a manor outside of Cherafir. You met one day while you were on a walk outside the city. Details up to you.
Ossara of Juen - Harper Apprentice, female (Friend of Torin)
Ossara is an apprentice in the Cherafir College of Harpers. She hails from distant Azeryan. Details up to you.
Bonnan of Norwyn - Ilviran priest, male (Close friend of Torin)
Bonnan possesses the other half of your Box of Indethan. He resides at the temple at Gedan, in Orbaal. You converse through the boxes of Indethan, so you are pen pals of a sort. You suspect there is some deep secret about him, because Gedan is known to you as an Earthmaster site. You have never met.
Herl of Nurisel -
A female Shek Pvar of Torin's chantry, an expert on interdimensional travel, who went missing four years ago.

Thay NPCs

Viran Bereme
An elderly blind Shek Pvar of the Kusella Chantry just north of Thay, a friend of Zerisa.
The half-Bujoc apprentice of Bereme, who accompanied the party on their journey to Telumar.

Telumar NPCs

A powerful Lyahvi Shenava (i.e. master light magician) who had been researching the lights of Telumar and who had vastly enhanced Aura and Telekinesis ability -- who also had Prescience and Negation abilities.
A Lyahvi apprentice to Lepridis, who had been studying with him for seven years who had also been his lover.
A local Bujoc barbarian, a bit touched in the head, who had been staying with Lepridis and Lalea.


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