Cuthren Village Timeline


12 Halane 720 Serf boy Dael runs away from Cuthren.
14 Halane 720 PCs kill foresters of Sir Nemiran Wyllis and rescue Dael.
17 Halane 720 PCs discover Halean temple guard dead in the cave.
13 Morgat 720 Baraud captures five Morgathians attempting to sacrifice the Save K'norran priest in a midnight ritual at the ruined shrine: Charn Julor, Merick, Hanus (the miller), Bina (the mute girl), and an unnamed accomplice who escaped.
14 Morgat 720 They also take into custody Hanus the Miller's slave Otis and the two village slaves at the mill.
15 Morgat 720 (whats-his-name) lets the two village slaves escape, passively aided by Firkin.
24 Morgat 720 PCs leave for Kanday to negotiate a ransom for Charn Julor, secretly the Morgathian priest but publically a Laranian Knight-Commander.
29 Morgat 720 PCs leave the Laranian Abbey outside of Quivum, having been cleared of the manhunt for Lamnis (murderer of the Abbott) by the bishop. They had negotiated a ransom of 3500 pence for Charn Julor, to be paid at the house of Sir Dalan Julander.
2 Nuzyael 721 PCs arrive back at Cuthren.

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