Cuthren Village Characters

     This is an alphabetical-by-first-name index of named personages relevant to the Cuthren Village HârnMaster campaign, including PC's, NPC's, and historical figures.

Aldryss of Ereth (Ex-PC)
A priest of Save-K'nor, advisor to Sir Hunris of Cuthren. He is a member of the Shea-al-Aecor order which rules the K'norran church, provides advisors to secular lords who request them, and perhaps more. Aldryss is secretive and at times behaves very strangely, but there is no denying that he is profoundly clever, perceptive, and calculating. He is also surprisingly good with a sword for a bookish man. He initially came to Cuthren to investigate reports of "Gulmorvin" (a kind of Harnic 'undead') lying in an old crypt in Laxley Forest, and has performed multiple exorcisms since his arrival to help cast out he Shadow. Since then, he was offered and accepted the position of advisor.
Alina of Birk
The wealthiest freeholder in Cuthren. She approached the PC's to retrieve the runaway serf boy, Dael. She is a Halean, and not very popular among the rest of the town. She previously rented 155 acres, but this was reduced to 55 acres by the new lord. Her son had run away, taking with him various documents, including (supposedly) a 50-year old contract with the King for her land.
Lady Alorna
Mother of Sir Dalan, a lord in Northern Kanday. She is rather crazed and senile, frequently criticizing her son for his "whoring ways".
Argothan (Ex-PC)
A huntsman for Sir Sevlin. He aided in the discovery of the sinkhole. Later, he was outlawed for being found in the bedroom of Lady Vilna, daughter of Sir Sevlin.
Arlun (Ex-PC)
A Kuboran savage who lived for a time in Cuthren.
Aron of Techen (PC)
A young merchant, originally from the nearby town of Techen. His trade largely consists of moving foodstuffs, livestock, etc. from the village to town, and bringing crafted goods from the town to the village. (Cuthren is sorely lacking in many basic 'industries'.) He also provides 'luxury' goods (wine, fine cloth, etc.) for the lord's family and for the wealthier families in the village. This is not particularly profitable, although Aron is rumored to do business with several local bandit groups, the Kuboran savages to the north, and to engage in smuggling, spying, and whatever else might supplement his meager income. The new lord is deeply in debt to Aron's father, a prominent moneylender in Techen.
Baraud Valain (PC)
A priest of Agrik, the new chaplain for Lord Hunris of Cuthren. On the night of 13 Morgat of 722, he happened on a Morgathian coven conducting a sacrifice at a ruined Peonian temple.
Bel of clan Iurne
Father of Dael, the serf boy who ran off in Halane of 720. He is an angry brute who has often been fined "for beating overly long and without good purpose" his wife, his children, and his livestock.
A mute and deformed girl in Cuthren. She is one of two daughters of a local woman (Mila) and a Thardan immigrant (Real). She was given to the miller as a servant. He introduced her into the Morgathian cult. Her parents were probably aware that she had killed a worker. The miller encouraged her violent tendencies, and claimed that she independently murdered a travelling Peonian mendicant in a gruesome manner. She was captured with the others, and then publically tortured and killed.
Charn Julor
The Knight-Commander of a chapter of a Laranian fighting order (The Knights of the Checkered Shield) headquartered in Shomot, as well as a secret high priest (Khala-Morvin) of the Morgathian church. He was captured by Baraud Valain on a ritual on the night of 13 Morgat, and became the prisoner of Sir Hunris. It is believed that his chapter house in Shomot in Kanday is also the headquarters of a Morgathian coven. He is in his 40s but is a strong personality. His family is based in Ohetis, the seat of the "Earl of Kuseme" -- most of whose lands were taken away by Tharda in the last war.
Dael of clan Iurne
A serf boy who ran away from home in Halane of 720, endangering the village with possible reprisals. His father is Bel, an angry brute. His sister Lena is a servant in the house of Alina of Birk. He had been quite fond of one of the slave girls who had ran away the previous year. He was rescued by PC's from a gang of foresters, whom they killed.
Sir Dalan Julander
The lord of several manors in Northern Kanday. His seat is in Tyrinale. He fought anonymously as the "Green Knight" in the Rethemi tournament for the armor of the late Sir Sevlin and won. He has a sister, Direne, who was lost somewhere in Laxley forest. He also has a mother, Lady Alorna, who is somewhat crazed and senile.
Direen Julander
Sister of Sir Dalan Julander of Tyrinale in Kanday. She is a Laranian proselytizer, who apparently went to convert the bandits in Laxley forest known as the Brothers of the Green Wood. She has been missing for many months, however.
Saint Eulalia
A Peonian saint, known as "Saint Lily", who was martyred several hundred years ago in Cuthren. She was of the Brockwort clan. This may be the same woman who was found in a pit in a cave outside of the village, who called herself "Lily" and was aided by Firkin and others. She is apparently a Shanakra-Morvin, transformed by the Morgathian rituals into an unwilling living dead.
Firkin Brockwort, of clan Brockwort (PC)
A local brewer. He comes from a widespread clan known throughout western Hârn as being 'cunning folk' and skilled herbalists. Some of his brews are unusually potent and often produce strange 'side effects' beyond mere drunkeness. There is no denying the high quality of his draughts, however. He has recently gained the new lord's approval to build an inn/tavern in the village, although construction has not yet begun and there are still guild matters (papers, bribes, etc.) to be arranged. He is the most moralistic member of the group, although he accepts that in a land like Rethem, doing what's right and doing what's necessary are not always the same. The Brockwort clan dates from the reign of the emperor of the Corani Empire, when they were persecuted.
Master harper who played at the Chapel Inn outside Quivum in Kanday.
Gordi of Haawl
Innkeeper of the Blue Drake in just outside of Techen. He is a member of the Lia-Kavair who aids in smuggling.
An old basket-weaver woman, who lives as a hermit in a hut by the lake outside of Cuthren. She has an enormous black and brown dog, some kind of large wolfhound, by the name of "Gashrul" (a name with Morgathian connotations). The dog seemed to rise from the dead at one point.
Lord Haelryn
The King's Chief Forester, nominally in charge of all Rethem's forest -- but rumored to by the king's chief spymaster.
The former miller of Cuthren village. He was actually a Morgathian priest (The Khala) who had assumed the identity of the replacement miller being sent to Cuthren. He had a servant girl Bina along with a personal slave Otis, and two village slaves to help with the mill, and was unmarried. Unknown to them, he had a concoction of ground bone which he mixed with the flour, supplied by the Morgathian Master of Treasures in Techen, which would cause hallucinations and paranoia. He initially escaped the attack on the coven, but then tried to summon the Shanakra-Morvin Eulalia at the cave and was hideously ensnared by roots through his body through her magic. He was found and was brought back to the village, dying along the way.
Hine Asin
Former reeve of Cuthren village. He was notorious for his incompetance, letting much of the seed grain rot.
Sir Hollis of clan Kosta
The corrupt bailiff of the hundred for Cuthren. He had inspected about a week after the Morgathian coven was found. He complained only minorly about the incident not following proper channels.
Sir Hunris
Current lord of Cuthren, taking over recently after his father was slain. He is 26 years old, blonde-haired and tall. He is concerned with marrying, and with finding a husband for his younger sister Vilna. As lord, he has 4 men-at-arms and 4 yeomen -- rather a lot for a village the size of Cuthren. He is deeply in debt to a prominent moneylender in Techen, the father of Aron of Techen.
Jonn (Ex-PC)
A supposed pig farmer, who aided Firkin and Aron. He is now suspected by them, however, as having turned against them (?). He is thought to perhaps have been an escaped gladiator.
A Laranian priest in the Bishopric of Noriashire in Kanday. He was punished for too much interest in the female acolytes. He had a relationship with a girl in the village inn ("The Chapel"), whom he hit but later made up with. Prompted by promises of a job in Rethem, he killed the Abbott and his secretary, then escaped in the night.
Lena (of clan Iurne)
A serf girl, now a servant in the house of Alina of Birk. Her brother Dael ran away from home, partly becuase their father is an angry brute who has often been fined "for beating overly long and without good purpose" his wife, his children, and his livestock.
A lesser priest of Morgath, who was captured by Baraud Valain in Cuthren while participating in a ceremony to sacrifice the K'norran priest. He had short-cropped black hair and was fairly young. His background was a runaway slave who went to Techen, where he was recruited into the church of Morgath by a prostitute. He was tortured and killed by Baraud after capture.
Sir Nemiran Wyllis
Chief Forester of Laxley Forest, who had an arragement with the Brothers of the Green Wood wherein they would pay him a fixed amount every two months in order to be left alone.
The personal slave of the miller Hanus in Cuthren. He was killed to cover the survival of the Morgathian high priest Charn Julor. Ostensibly he died accidentally during torture and was given proper cremation. Actually, Baraud passed off his flayed body as the body of the high priest (Charn Julor), so that they could keep him alive for ransom without appearing soft.
Sereth of Ler
An Agrikan priest, former chaplain of Cuthren. He had been a moderate-ranking priest at the Techen temple, but was relegated to pastoral duty after a change in power at the temple a few years back. There was a recent purge of the Agrikan temple in Techen at the hands of the bishop, and Sereth was recalled to there (being considered loyal to the bishop). His replacement at Techen is Baraud Valain.
Sir Sevlin
Former lord of Cuthren, who was slain by an arrow during a hunting party. He was succeeded by his son Hunris.
Tamys Bakyth
The Bishop and also Sherriff of Noriashire in Kanday. He was a knight of the lord of Zerien (?). He is rumored to know where the relic the fingers of Saint Eulalia are. He is also the direct superior of Charn Julor, the knight-commander of the Shomot chapter of the Knights of the Checkered Shield, who reports to him instead of to the grandmaster in the West (a source of some friction).
Tovil the Haunted
A madman in Cuthren, popular among the village folk. He predicted the death of the Peonian priest, and often speaks of ravens which are about. He was found with a bloody axe over the bodies of his family. His ravings indicate that this may be the work of Saint Eulalia.
Lady Vilna
The young lady of Cuthen, age 15. Daughter of the late Sir Sevlin, half-sister of the current lord Sir Hunris.
Xela of clan Brockwort
New wife of Firkin. A pretty young cousin in his clan.

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