Baraud Valain

         Baraud is an Agrikan priest, nominally of the Order of Herpa the Mace. He is now 26 years old and of the third circle. Secretly, though, he is a sympathizer with the schismatic Order of Eight Demons. When the schism occurred six years ago, he was an acolyte under a master who was firmly against the schismatics and he felt unable to follow his true beliefs. Since that time his sympathies have grown and he has grown more confidant. However, he has kept up all appearances of loyalty and discretely contacted the Order of Eight Demons to work for their cause from within Herpa the Mace.

         Baraud grew up in a rural military family, from a shire north of Golotha. His father was a relatively wealthy yeoman man-at-arms. He was the fourth of nine children. He went off to Golotha to train as a acolyte at the temple. He was shocked at the horrendous corruption and squalor of Morgathian-dominated Golotha, and felt that change was needed to assault it. There were many issues that drew him to the Order of Eight Demons. One of them is gender roles -- men should fight, and women should support and motivate. This motivates a particular dislike of Laranism, which he feels encourages hypocritical weakness especially in women. Another is guidance. While he believes in mystical journeys, he feels that Herpa the Mace does little to channel mystic experience into energetic action.

         His current goals are to further the interests of the Order of Eight Demons by sabotaging the political connections of Herpa the Mace.

HârnMaster Stats

Baraud Valain                  Human Male, age 26

Birthday: Agrazar 25           Birth Sign: Nadai (the Salamander)
Birth Place: Rethem            Parent Occupation: [Military] Man-at-Arms, Rural
Sibling Rank: Offspring, 4th eldest of 9   
Family Relations: Popular      Clanhead: Distant relation
Medical Conditions: Allergy    Handedness: Right
Frame: Medium         Height: 72''           Weight: 171 lbs
Complexion: Fair      Hair Color: Blonde     Eye Color: Grey

Strength: 15          Agility: 8             Intelligence: 16
Endurance: 11         Speed: 12              Aura: 6
Dexterity: 16                                Will: 14
      Eyesight: 12              Comliness: 13 (Attractive)
      Hearing: 9                Voice: 15 (Pleasant)
      Smell/Taste: 7            Morality: 11 (Law-Abiding)
      Touch: 10                 Piety Points: 70

Climbing		[auto]	[Str Dex Agl]+0=13	SB4	52  53
Condition		[auto]	[End End Wil]+0=12	SB5	60  60
Dodge			[auto]	[Agl Agl Spd]+0=9	SB5	45  45
Initiative		[occ+]	[Agl Spd Wil]+1=12	SB7	84  84
Jumping			[auto]	[Str Agl Spd]+2=12	SB4	48  48
Mobility		[]	[]
Stealth			[auto]	[Agl Tch Wil]+0=11	SB3	33  35
Throwing		[auto]	[Str Dex Eye]+1=14	SB4	56  56
Acting(loyal priest)	[opt]	[Agl Voi Int]+0=13	SB1	13  13
Awareness		[auto]	[Eye Hrg Smt]+0=9	SB4	36  42
Intrigue		[occ+]	[Int Aur Wil]+0=12	SB5	60  63
Lovecraft		[opt]	[Cml Tch Voi]+0=13	SB3	39  39
Oratory			[occ]	[Cml Voi Int]+0=15	SB3	45  46
Rhetoric		[occ+]	[Voi Int Wil]+0=15	SB5	75  75
Ritual			[occ]	[Str Dex Int]+2=18	SB4	72  72
Singing			[auto]	[Hrg Voi Voi]+0=13	SB3	39  39
Language: Azeryani	[occ]	[Int Wil Wil]+0=15	SB2	30  30
Language: Harnic	[auto]	[Int Wil Wil]+0=15	SB4	60  60
Language: Surikal	[occ]	[Int Wil Wil]+0=15	SB3	45  45
Script: Likase		[occ]	[Int Int Wil]+0=16	70+SB	86  86
Script: Zerin		[occ]	[Int Int Wil]+0=16	70+SB	86  86
Astrology()		[spec]	[Int Int Aur]+0=13	SB2	26  26
Drawing()		[occ]	[Eye Eye Tch]+0=11	SB2	22  22
Embalming(Agrikan)	[occ]	[Dex Smt Tch]+0=11	SB2	22  22
Foraging		[fam]	[Eye Smt Int]+0=12	SB2	24  24
Heraldry		[occ]	[Wil Eye Tch]+0=12	SB3	36  36
Law (Agrikan)		[occ]	[___ ___ ___]+0=__	SB2
Physician (surgery)	[occ+]	[Tch Tch Int]+0=12	SB3	36  37
Survival		[fam]	[Str Dex Int]+0=16	SB2	32  32
Weaponcraft		[-]	[Str Dex Tch]+0=14	SB1	
Unarmed Combat(Sashata)	[occ]	[Str Dex Agl]+1=13	SB4	52  52
 * Drop Kick (+3 impact, land prone unless CS)
 * High Kick: no penalty for high/head zone
 * Focussed Punch: +1 punch impact
Axe(Sickle)		[occ]	[Str Dex Dex]+0=16	SB4	64  64
Bows(Shortbow)		[fam]	[Str Dex Eye]+1=14	SB2	28  28
Clubs(Mace)		[occ+]	[Str Dex Dex]+0=16	SB5	80  80
Knives(Dagger)		[fam]	[Dex Tch Eye]+2=13	SB3	39  39
Shortswords(Shortsword)	[fam]	[Str Dex Dex]+1=16	SB3	48  48
Longswords(Broadsword)	[fam]	[Str Str Dex]+1=15	SB3	45  45
Shields(Kite)		[occ+]	[Str Dex Dex]+0=16	SB4	80  80

Skill Allocation Log:
Family: 5 weapons/shield, Foraging, Survival, Heraldry, Physician
Priest: Ritual-4, Rhetoric-4, Intrigue-4, Mental Conflict-4, 
	Oratory-3, Folklore-3, Embalming-2, Physician-2, Law-2, 
	Drawing-2, Heraldry-2, Native Tongue-70+SB, Local Script 70+SB, 
	Language:Azeryani - SB2, Script: Zerin 70+SB
Agrikan Priest: Initiative-6, Unarmed-4, Axe(Sickle)-4, Club(Mace)-4,
	Shield-4, Heraldry-3, Language: Surikal - 3 
Option Points: Acting, Rhetoric, Intrigue, Lovecraft, Physician
Special Options: Clubs, Initiative, Shield

Ritual Invocations:
Baptism			II
Blessing		II
Commune			II
Liturgy			II
Marriage		II
Passage of the Soul	II
Torturer's Insight	III
Touch of the V'Hir	III
Truthsense		III
Agrik's Respite		IV
Intimidation		IV

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