Famine in Far-Go: Background

You are turning 16 years old soon. Rather than getting a new car, you will be cast into the war-blighted wilderness to fend for yourselves, endure great tribulations and perhaps die.

Your village, Far-Go, has been a self-supporting agricultural community for 126 years. The original 1000 settlers migrated north upon the Great Oad past areas of great devastation following the Final War of the Ancients. Lifespans were extremely short for the first few decades following the Final War, with only a fraction of humanity able to survive into puberty. Under these harsh conditions, most of the culture and knowledge of the Ancients was lost. Society has had to start over from scratch.

Presently, the 1179 residents of Far-Go live in simple stone or wooden houses and farm the surrounding land as best they can. All live within 4 km (2 mi) of the small town center, where the few businesses, the town square, and the community's temple of worship are located. Farmers, merchants, the Guard and the Religious Ones are the four basic classes of citizen. Three quarters of the villagers are mutant humans, the remainder are Pure Strain Humans. Each tends to breed with their own kind.

There are two villages somewhat nearby. The village of Fax is about 30 miles to the south along the Great Oad. There are about 900 Faxians, all Humanoids who are very suspicious of strangers and cold even to those they know from outside their village. To the southwest lies the village of Kin, about 20 miles down the Shi-Yen River which flows past Far-Go to the west. Kin is a mixed community about half the size of Far-Go, and your villages trade occasionally. The Kinese are somewhat untrustworthy, however, and there are rumors that strange and violent secret organizations originate there.

Some Everyman skills:

PS: Farming
AK: Far-Go
Hunting skills
Combat skills (knife, staff, unarmed techniques)

Each farm is run by a particular clan. The clan members tend to have a wide range of skills necessary for day to day self-reliance. Brewing, leatherworking, baking, carpentry, sewing, knitting and weaving, milling, growing, and preserving are all done on the farm. Merchants are specialists in crafts such as metalworking, plastic making, apothecary and medicine.

Pure Strain Humans (PSH) tend to be very healthy, rather comely, and smart. +5 CON, +2 COM, +4 INT basic. Resistance to poison, radiation, and/or disease are very common.

Mutant humans (Humanoids) have at least 10 points of disadvantages in one or more illnesses or deformities. -2 COM, -1 CON, not recognized by machines, unable to use Ancient medicines. About 2/5ths of the Humanoids have a 5 pt. or more advantage/power. One Humanoid clan is almost entirely cold-blooded.

Miller's Post-Apocalyptic pages that Peter found is a good resource. The setting isn't very close to the original Gamma World setting, or my spin on it, but he's worked out the point cost for helpful and limiting mutations, and has the weapons tables we'll probably use.


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