Jessica Goldberg

Characteristics Skills Disadvantages
Val   Char   Roll
Val   Char
+1 Level in Agility skills
Acrobatics (14-)
Breakfall (14-)
KS: San Francisco (8-)
KS: Sociology (8-)
Streetwise (12-)
TF: Cars, Motorcycles
+1" Running
Code vs Killing (Full)
Impulsive (Strong)
Maneuvers   OCV     DCV   Damage/Notes
Strike 66 1 1/2d6
Disarm 46 Disarm target; requires STR vs STR roll
Grab 44 Grab two limbs; can squeeze or throw
Dodge -9 Dodge all attacks, Abort

         Jessica is an offbeat sophomore who tends to go out on the town a lot, but who also works with a manic intensity as she majors in sociology. Somehow, despite many obstacles, she is keeping up with everything.

         She is from a relatively poor Jewish family in San Diego, so she got used to making her own money. She got full scholarships to several colleges on the basis of her gymnastics, but went to Stanford on a smaller scholarship -- for the prestige and also for the chance to live in New York. She maintains herself with a job at the bookstore and some student loans.

         She is usually very exuberant, and regularly gathers groups of friends on trips to downtown clubs. This tends to eat up her money, so when she heard about the experiment, she became interested.

         While she won't admit to being homesick, or in general to having problems, she does have chronic nightmares which she can't quite remember. She will wake up in a sweat in the night, in her tiny single dorm room. She has numerous friends, but no one at college who she is very close to. She has a best friend back in San Diego, and has had trysts but no serious relationships here.

Skills: Jessica is generally athletic and coordinated, but avowedly non-violent. She has no real technical skills to speak of, but she does have a good knowledge of getting around the area and is good at talking her way into places (i.e. past ID checks). She does have her license, but certainly doesn't have a car.

Description: Jessica is short (5'4'') but well-proportioned. She is not quite as athletic as she was two years ago, but is still well in-shape. She has shoulder-length wavy brown hair, and light brown eyes.