"Extra Credit"

         The scenario for "Extra Credit" is around a group of college students who meet as paid volunteers for a medical research program. Two nights a week, they have to sleep at the lab with electrodes on their heads -- along with occaisional blood tests and questionnaires. Most of them also have sleep disorders which this may help with.

         The scenario is focussed on the personalities of the characters involved. Play begins with them meeting at the university medical center for their first night of the program. They have had some prior phone screening, and have been told to pack overnight bags. The characters are really the center of scenario, and they are as follows:

Jessica Goldberg
An offbeat sophomore who tends to go out on the town a lot, but who also works with a manic intensity as she majors in sociology. She has a small gymnastic scholarship and works at the bookstore, but could really use the extra money. Also, she does have chronic nightmares which she can't remember.
William Kwak
A rebellious senior in electrical engineering, with the habit of breaking into all the buildings on campus. He is driven by curiosity which was what intrigued him about the program.
Kevin Allard
An impulsive junior in economics, from a rich family in the suburbs. He volunteered more out of perverse curiosity than any need -- he even has his own apartment. His main interest seems there to be in the cute gymnast. Outside classses, he is a lead tennis player.
Stephanie Britten
A dedicated music student, also a sophmore. She has an eclectic variety of interests and skills, while being somewhat anti-social. She has insomnia and occaisional dizzy spells, which is driving both her and her roommates crazy. She volunteered for the money, the cure, and the chance to get away from her roommates.
Paul Fletcher
An aggressive sophmore in English, with an emphasis in journalism. Out of class, he writes various controversial articles for the college newspaper, and practices karate. He took last year off in travelling to Europe and South America, which has left him dead broke -- thus his main interest in the program.
Tom Patterson
Tom is a geeky sophmore majoring in Math. His hobbies are stage magic, juggling, theater tech work, and blogging. He is friendly and polite, but he doesn't get noticed much. He is shy when it comes to talking about himself, especially around girls. He tends to talk more about everything else in response.
Caitlin McKenna
A struggling pre-Law junior majoring in Philosophy. She has scraped by pretty well despite many extracurricular activities, including some particularly unhealthy ones. She is currently trying to straighten her life out, part of which is getting good sleep.

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