Dresden Files: Battleground San Francisco

         Started March 2011, this is a Dresden files campaign set in San Francisco. From the initial city building, we came up with these ideas for "What do you want to play with?"

City (High Level)

Our top three City-Wide themes and threats were:

The Supernatural Status Quo is: Faeries have their battles, but it is separate from everyone else. Vampires used to be under control, but now are on the rise. The White Council is present but lax.

The Mundane Status Quo is: Crime, gangs, & tourism. Corruption and politics are in the background. Even the normal people are weird.


Name: Johann Reinhart (David)
High Concept: "Alcoholic adopted werewolf"
Trouble: "Blackouts"
Other Aspects:
Where did you come from? adopted by German immigrants → "Family Values"
What shaped you? learned was werewolf at 18 → "Who am I?"
First adventure? went on bender and woke up caged as a wolf in Chinatown → "Newfound Freedom"
Guest star 1? helped Reina onto a rooftop → "Anything for a pretty face"
Guest Star 2? Lai Chi hired him to track the sorcerer who stole his sword → "Whoever smelt it, dealt it"
A werewolf adopted by German immigrants in his mid-20s. He knows nothing about his real parents, and discovered his werewolf heritage by accident. He is looking to start own business, and does brewing on the side.

Name: Rena Downs (Renee)
High Concept: "Manic-depressive topomancer contortionist"
Trouble: "In debt to the White Court"
Other Aspects:
Where did you come from? Romania, immigrated at 10, magic at 16 → "Stage Presence"
What shaped you? shown around by Violet → "Don't I know you?"
First adventure? chased by Red Court and rescued by werewolf → "Hold On!"
Guest star 1? in GG Park and helped shop owner by bending trees to → "Make like a tree and leave!"
Guest Star 2? warped the TransAmerica building by accident, taking out sorcerer → "Emotional Architect"
A circus contortionist and focused practitioner, with connections to White Court vampires.

Name: Lai Chi (Daniel)
High Concept: "Old Shaolin Master"
Trouble: "Drugs & crime are destroying my people"
Other Aspects:
Where did you come from? orphan born in China, adopted by monks, fled Communists with sword → "The sword of the dragon"
What shaped you? came to Chinatown but faced harsh reality → "Jaded idealist"
First adventure? sorcerer stole his sword, and retrieved it in fight on TransAmerica building → "Balance of the Cat"
Guest Star 1? caging of the wolf, recognized wolf in cage and helped escape → "Appearances deceive"
Guest Star 2? fought off some goblins converging on GG Park → "A friend in need"
A true believer and fighting Buddhist Shaolin monk now living in San Francisco.

Name: Steve 'Sunshine' Douglas (Gareth)
High Concept: "Changeling smoke shop owner"
Trouble: "Trying to stay neutral against all odds"
Other Aspects:
Where did you come from? raised by father from 60s, never knew fae mother → "Flower Child"
What shaped you? mother tried to recruit in 1984, stayed with father → "I made my choice"
First adventure? Winter Court sent goblins to kill him, but ran to Golden Gate Park → "Tree Hugger"
Guest Star 1? helped Reina into his shop and covered her smell from vampires → "I got what you need right here"
Guest Star 2? got drunk with Johann the time he was kidnapped → "Social Butterfly"
A changeling, independent of the Winter/Summer conflict, who owns a smoke shop that fronts for a magic shop.