Player Characters

         These are the player characters from the convention event of Dogs in the Vineyard which I ran at ConQuest 2005.

Brother Isaac (played by Carl, Strong History option)
Stats Acuity: 4->5, Body: 3, Heart: 4->5, Will: 2
Traits 2d8 "Glad to be a Dog"
2d8 "There's good in everyone"
2d10 "Talk the wings off an Angel"
2d6 "Shoot the pecker off a gnat"
1d6 "Don't like Fightin'"
1d10 "Can handle myself in a scrap"
1d6 "I saved a man's life" (accomplishment)
Relationships 1d4 Uncle Cuthbert who taught me to scrap & drink
1d8 My eldest sister, Esther, that mostly raised me
1d4 Sin of Drinking (fallout from accomplishment)
1d6 Brother Josiah, fellow dog
2d6 Brother Phineas 1d8 (available)
Belongings 2d6 Excellent Coat
1d6+1d4 Temple Revolver
1d6 Temple Horse
1d4 Ratty ol' Book of Life
1d6 Jar of consecrated earth


Phineas (played by Jon, ??? Option)
Stats Acuity: 3, Body: 3, Heart: 5, Will: 4
Traits 2d8 "I'm a Dog"
1d6 "Quick tempered [Been picked on a lot]"
2d10 "Good with a knife [Hunted with my grandfather]"
1d6 "Can't talk with girls"
4d4 "Good at telling jokes"
1d6 "Teacher did not teach me to curb my temper" (Accomplishment)
Relationships 1d10 Teacher who taught me letters (Cornelius)
1d8 Steward's daughter - eye on me (Temperence)
2d6 Sheriff out to get me (Azariah)
(1d10, 1d8, 4d4) Available
Belongings 1d6 Coat
2d6 Shiny hunting knife [Belong to grandfather]
2d8 Nice pen & ink set
1d6 Harmonica


Jebediah Monroe (played by Jerry, Complicated History Option)
Stats Acuity: 3, Body: 3, Heart: 2, Will: 3
Traits 2d4 "Wow that's a nasty scar"
2d10 "Good shot"
2d6 "Fists like Iron"
2d4 "Stoic as a tombstone"
1d10 "I'm a Dog"
1d6 "I'm special in God's eyes" (accomplishment)
Relationships 3d6 "Ex-fiancé Sally Mae - left her after disfigurement"
1d8 "Steward, Hamilton, whom I saved from fire"
(2d6, 1d8) Available
Belongings 2d8+1d4 Big & High Quality gun
1d8 Big horse


Brother Josiah (played by ??, ?? Option)
Stats Acuity: _, Body: _, Heart: _, Will: _
Traits ....
Relationships ?d? "Bandit he chased during his initiation"
(??) Available
Belongings ....


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