Player Characters

         These are the player characters from my first game of Dogs in the Vineyard.

Killian Smith (played by Dennis, Strong History option)
A devout rifleman, inspired by the sniper from "Saving Private Ryan".
Stats Acuity: 4, Body: 2, Heart: 3, Will: 4
Traits 3d10 "Shooting guns has always made me feel close to the Lord"
2d8->3d8 "I'm a Dog"
2d8 "I've always been good at moving around without being seen or heard"
3d6 "I read all the books I can get my hands on"
1d6 "I exorcised a demon"
Relationships 1d4 "I hear granny is a holy roller and drinks strychnine and lets rattlesnake bite her"
2d8 "Uncle Samuel is a strong man in the community"
3d6 "My brother Zebediah is a Dog too"
Belongings 2d6 Coat
1d4+2d8 Longshot Rifle


August Derabold Jackson (played by Bill, Complicated History Option)
"Before I was reborn in the Faith, I hunted runaway slaves in the Territories."
Stats Acuity: 4->5, Body: 3, Heart: 4->3->4, Will: 4
Traits 3d10 "I'm a Dog"
2d10 "I'm calm in a fight"
3d4 "I do what's asked of me, even if I don't like it"
1d6 "I helped someone through a crisis of faith"
Relationships 2d6 Territorial Authorities
2d8->1d8 "Zebediah Smith, Killian's brother, who brought me into the faith"
(3d6, 1d8) Available
Belongings 2d6 Coat
2d6 Bowie Knife
2d6+1d4 Revolver
2d6 Cavalry Boots


Joshua Mortimer Smith (played by Jim, Complicated History Option)
A hustler, pimp, and thief from New York -- Tom "Two Bits" Tuhlman -- killed someone he shouldn't have and got in big trouble both with the law and the other criminal gangs there.
Stats Acuity: 2, Body: 3, Heart: 5, Will: 5
Traits 2d4->2d6 "I'm a Dog"
2d4 "Intimidating people"
2d6 "Hiding and concealment"
2d10 "Fooling people / bluffing"
2d4 "Has visions"
Relationships 3d6 "Zebediah Smith, fellow in Bridal Falls City"
(2d6, 2d8) Available
Belongings 2d6 Coat
horse and saddles
knife, Bowie
garotte wire
metal chain and lock


Eldridge C. Book (played by David, Strong History Option)
An escaped slave, inspired by the preacher Book from the TV series Firefly.
Stats Acuity: 4, Body: 3, Heart: 4, Will: 3
Traits 2d8 "I'm a Dog"
3d10 "I went to seminary"
2d6 "I can hold my own in fisticuffs"
2d6 "I have a mysterious background back East"
1d6 "I can make a mean stew"
1d6 "I overcame racism"
Relationships 2d6 "Bill's character was chasing me"
1d6 "I helped Doc Flint"
(1d4, 2d8) Available
Belongings 2d6 Coat
2d6 Books
(no gun)


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