Purple Pomegranate Campaign Diary

This file contains a summary of events in the Purple Pomegranate campaign. It is mostly useful for me and the players to remember what happened when. I would like eventually to have many of the important dates linked to pages containing more detailed stories of the events.


The Radiant Empire's calender is a solar 365 day year divided into 28, 13-day, fortnights and an extra New Year's Day. On leap year's there is also an extra Half Year's Day, between Spring and Summer. Each season is 7 fortnights long. The fortnights are named after typical weather and natural events of the period. Inside the Crystal Palace, this is a self-fulfilling prophesy: the weather is artificially controlled to match the fortnight's name, and the citizens' expectations magically reinforce this.
The fortnights (in order) are: Major holidays are: New Year's Day, Darby Day (Blizzards 6), Zubuz Day (East Wind 9), Pilgrim's departure ( Rain 2), Rememberance Day ( Flowers 4), Lovers Day ( Blossums 13). Tribute/Treaty Day (name reveals politics; Crickets 2), Parade of Beauty (Thunder 4), Heroes Day (Berries 10), Jubilee ( Hurricanes 5) , Shil-lish Day ( Pumpkins 3), and Serenity's Feast ( Stags 4). First of each fortnight is considered a minor holiday, for relaxation and parties on the theme of the fortnight's name.
Years are numbered since the (legendary) founding of the Crystal Palace.

Game Events

So far, the game has acted out events for late Spring to mid Summer, 81,999. (My intention was to match the game date to the actual date, but due to more sporadic games and more intricate plots than I had thought, there has been a huge drift.) I also include events from 81,998 and early 81,999 that directly affected the plot of the game.