The Golden Dawn: Player Aid #10

The Bronze Tablets

         This is a set of bronze tablets with pressed markings on one side. The symbols are similar to Ogham, but are a cipher for the sounds of a Proto-Brythonic tongue. The translators have worked on what most of the symbols mean in sounds, but the meaning is still often obscure.

The author is not described, and speaks first to invoke and praise the unnamed Goddess. With great reverence and praise, the tablets announce a great gift to the goddess, described as an eye in the heavens and its anchor on Earth. The latter part of it seems to discuss the operation of the anchor, but its meaning is still fragmentary. There are a number of iconic symbols, not part of the usual cipher. To those who worked the machine in the temple, many of these will be familiar. It gives explanations to many of the symbols, mixed with archaic discussion.

Selected Passages

         "...the Eye sees the warmth of beings, the children of the Goddess, as well as the heat of the Earth her nourisher, the sea her lover, and the clouds her inseminator..."

         "...sees deeply, and the --- of the enemies of the Goddess can be seen by their fires, their hatred, and their blood..."

         "...beware the ---, who have no warmth in their hearts and come not to suckle of the --- ---, but to drink her offspring's blood..."

         "...brings forth cold in the air as --- ---, rain in summer, or snow in fall. This is the gift of our ---, who are far from the Sun..."

         "...storms strengthened by warmth below. Cold in front of the storm turns it, weakens it..."


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