The Golden Dawn: Player Aid #1

The Journal of Thomas Pellgraine

         This book is a sheaf of about forty loose sheets of fine writing paper, tied up between two heavy boards. The entire document (only 28 pages are written on) is written in longhand, and the text is frequently interrupted by small charts, sketcb symbols, and the like. Thomas wrote the text in English with no cyphers (he simply wasn't that clever) and as such the manuscript can be read with an English roll. Skimming through the contents without trying to examine all of his experiments in detail takes only a couple of hours, and allows the reader to get the gist of what Thomas was attempting. It does not, however, confer any game benefits on the reader in terms of skill points, spells, or other bonuses. The Keeper has information on the requirements and benefits of concentrated study.

         The gist of the manuscript is that Thomas believed another world existed parallel to ours, and that it was from this world that all manifestations of the supernatural originated. His research led him to the astral plane, which was not what he expected it to be but which was fascinating nonetheless. His notes are a set of lab recordings and observations from his experiments and researches. He does digress, however, into a bit of petty gloating at having sent "that bastard Robert" into the aether where "he met with the hungry ones and the thief of form." Pellgraine also records the 'true names' of several beings of the aether, whom he identifies as Zorlith, Anstaria, Thursif, and Nevik.


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