Barbara Dixon, Slayerbot


         Barbara Dixon was born in 1942 in Paterson, New Jersey. Aside from a few daring moments at the drive-in movies, she lived a very dull small-town life until 1958 when her new history teacher Mr. Grimmond explained to her about being a Slayer. Suddenly the seeming quiet of Paterson was alive with hidden dangers, from the deranged puppeteer using shrunken human actors to the satanic cults in the woods. In the late spring of 1959, Marcus told her about a destructive storm ritual a cult was preparing to do. Unfortunately, he got the time wrong. She interrupted the ritual halfway through, and magical forces ripped apart her and all the cultists.

         Then several months ago, you awoke in a school gym locker. After much confusion, you learned that Marcus Grimmond (now 72) had cast a spell to reincarnate you into a new body -- to atone for his mistake. However, the body he had prepared for you was not what it appeared, and your soul instead went into an android body built by Johnny Archer. You went on to defeat the science teacher Mr. Brentmeyer, who was transforming himself and his students into super-evolved beings (including the body Marcus had prepared).

         Johnny hacked his way into official records to get papers for you as an orphan from New Jersey (which you are) who has been kindly fostered by his parents the Archers. So you're have been staying with them, and attending Santa Cruz high school. A few weeks ago, you faced one of your toughest challenges -- an old foe of yours from the fifties made a duplicate of you and copied your memory banks into it, and your soul was split into your fifties self and modern self. Since then, you've been re-assessing a lot of who you are.


  • Johnny: built your body. He's more than a little repressed, but he's never tried to take advantage of you, and you get along well. Still, you suspect he can't help seeing you as a ghost possessing his project.
  • Max: is handsome and well-dressed, but is almost scary in his intensity. In retrospect, you realize he's been trying to play the part of a more normal kid to impress you as a Fifties girl -- which seems both sweet and .
  • Owen: is a simpleton, though a really good-looking one with a good heart. It's hard to completely dislike him, but he will (for example) ask blunt questions about your anatomy in a casual way.
  • Tori: is crude, violent, even criminal, and shamelessly loose with almost everyone. Still, you have gotten along well in fighting evil, and she would look pretty if she wasn't dressed up like a freak all the time.
  • Ashley: is also strange, but sweet and kind at the same time. The one thing you can't understand why she is so friendly with Tori, often greeting her with a hug and a kiss.