Roberta Martinez

         A rich contractor who was working for when it was taken over. She is a 48 year-old Silicon Valley veteran who remembers when there were orchards. She is also an organizer of Silicon Valley Women in Technology (WIT), which Dot and Max are members of. She was also a millionaire who went on to be founder of

         In person, Roberta is a strikingly attractive older Hispanic woman, age 48. She is 5'6" and 170 pounds.

         She came from east San Jose. Her mother, Maria, was a very traditional Catholic sayer of rosaries. She has a younger sister, Esme, who also moved out of the hood to settle down for family life. She also has two much younger twin brothers, Raul and Tomas, who were born when Roberta was in high school and are now are in their early thirties (33). Her mother Maria spoiled them a bit, and they have grown up to be wannabe-gangstas who have just barely avoided jail time.


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