Camille West aka "Max", Hacker Witch

         Camille "Max" West is an experienced senior software engineer, as well as a lesbian, liberal activist, environmentalist, softball player, wiccan, and practicing witch. She has a small house in Sunnyvale, and despite her skills made it through the dotcom bubble without getting particularly rich (though she was comfortably off). She started off the series as the lead programmer at, and went on to become the architect of Vampster. She is a highly literate and knowledgeable, but at least started out quite shy.

         Over the course of the first season, she developed a huge crush on Dot, which Dot was totally unaware of for a while. Eventually Dot joined her softball team (the Virginia Woolfs), and one night things just fell together and they became a couple. Also during this time, Max's power as a witch has skyrocketed along with her occult lore. Eventually, she closed Season Two with a spell to hold off the goddess Kali as she was manifesting -- and gave the girl Uma a chance to prevent her incarnation.


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