Elaine "Laney" Leibowitz

         Laney first appeared in Season One as a woman who was going to meet a vampire in a graveyard. In a long protracted battle, Dot fought another vampire who didn't turn into dust when staked. However, after continued struggle he burnt up. Max was hurt in the fight, and the woman was quite scared and confused. Dot and Max rudely brushed her off with phony-sounding explanations and leave. However, she later turned out to be an old friend of Chip's and was hired as the new marketing guru by the Vampster backers.

         During Season One, Laney hit on Dot some. She was then kidnapped and used as bait by the "super-ninja" Tran. In Season Two, her mega-popular blog "Crazy Jane" came to light when a pundit started stalking her and erasing her reality. In Season Three, she resolved to quit Vampster to start her own venture -- a goth bar and dance spot in Mountain View called the Tiki Bar... of Doom!


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