Ifurita / Andrea Eight Leung

         Originally introduced as an NPC villian -- Ifurita appeared as a living recreation of a Japanese anime character from the video series "El-Hazard". She was the servant of the nanotechnologist Dr. Ben-David -- and thanks to nanotechnological enhancements should could actually fly, regenerate, exert superhuman strength, and send powerful blasts of energy from her staff. Encountering her a few times "off the job", Dot's brother Chip started to date her. The cast eventually discovered that she was created from a girl dying of cancer, named Andrea Eight Leung. They released her from service by threatening Dr. Ben-David with a malpractice suit (care of Wolfram & Harte). They also discovered her divorced parents (Dr. Robert Cheung and Ms. Lauren Hargrove, in Palo Alto) -- but did not tell them yet about her daughter.

         During Season Two, she was hired by Vampster and became a main cast member -- an alternative to Dot's Slayer powers. She revealed herself to her parents, and later broke up with Chip.


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