Dorothy "Dot" Comisky, Grumpy Slayer

         Dot is an artist-turned-web-designer who moved out to Silicon Valley in early 2000, dropping out of college for a job at the fertilizer seller She is now 23 and has a robust sense of cynicism along with a generous helping of attitude.

         She was born in January 1982, in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up outside Chicago, and didn't get along well with her parents. She was involved with an older guy while in high school, but she doesn't talk about that much. When she was 16 (back in early 1998), she was having major emotional problems. She was contacted by a Watcher but absolutely refused to have anything to do with slaying at the time. She then had an accidental (or so she thought) electrocution at school. By coincidence, a paramedic team was right nearby and successfully performed CPR on her. After that, the Watchers left her alone... until Season One, of course.

         Dot's best friend in I-bullshit was probably the shy geek girl Beth who works in the sysadmin department and who is constantly overlooked or talked down by the guys there (Leonard among them, presumably). They would frequently meet at lunch to complain about guys and their macho tech posturing, along with various other annoyances. They probably have all sorts of theories and rumors about Leonard, actually. Beth was estranged from her parents back East and came to the Bay Area after college. She had originally been a tech writer and then moved into sysadmin. She broke up with her live-in boyfriend a few months before the series start and was still recovering.

         Since her adventures began in the pilot episodes, Dot has gone back to active slaying; risen in her career to a senior web developer; lived at her work; fallen for another woman; gotten pregnant by her; and balanced her baby and career by duplication.


NOTE: We began the Silicon Valley Slayage campaign before the series finale for Buffy, and thus the activation of multiple Slayers. My rationalization for Dot as a Slayer is that she is in the Slayer line between Kendra and Faith. Kendra died in the semi-final episode of Season Two. Faith doesn't appear until the third episode of Season Three -- about five months later. Dot was Slayer from June to early August, when she temporarily died and passed the line on to Faith. Going by the dates of when the episodes were first aired in the U.S. as the "official" time, this gives us the following timeline:
Jun 2, 1997 - Buffy is drowned and revived; Kendra becomes Slayer
Nov 17, 1997 - Kendra first appears on-screen
May 12, 1998 - Kendra dies; (Dot becomes Slayer)
(Aug 14, 1998 - Dot is electrified and revived; Faith becomes Slayer)
Oct 13, 1998 - Faith first appears on-screen


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