Combined Qualities

Artist (2-point Quality)

     Your character's an artist, someone unusually talented and creative. Artists get +1 to any two mental Attributes; +1 to the Art skill; and -1 to all rolls for controlling emotions.

Cop/Ex-Cop (5-point or 4-point Quality)

     All cops get +1 to any one physical Attribute; +1 to the Crime, Driving, and Gun Fu skills. A working beat cop also gets 2 points of legal authority, balanced by one-point Obligation (Important) to the force. A detective or other higher-up should also take the Contacts Quality and the Rank Quality.

Criminal (2-point Quality)

     Criminals get +1 to any one Attribute, and +1 to Crime and one other skill related to their criminal career. However, they have poor impulse control, and must make a Willpower (doubled) roll whenever the opportunity to make a fast buck presents itself.

Ex-Watcher (5-point Quality)

     Ex-Watchers get +1 to any one physical Attribute, and +2 to the Getting Medieval skill. They also get +2 to any monster research rolls.

Initiative Commando (4-point Quality)

     A military or para-military commando gets +1 to any two physical Attributes; either the Fast Reaction Time or Situational Awareness Quality; Hard to Kill +4; and the Obligation (Total) Drawback worth 3 points.

Jock (3-point Quality)

     Jocks get +1 to any two physical Attributes, and +2 to the Sports skill. However, they get -1 to all intellectual rolls

Nerd (3-point Quality)

     Nerds get +1 to two mental Attributes, and +2 to the Computers, Knowledge, or Science skill. However, they get -1 to all social rolls.

Nosy Reporter (5-point Quality)

     Reporters get +1 to Intelligence and Perception; and +1 to the Notice skill and one other skill. They also get 2 points of the Contacts Quality. However, they have an insatiable curiousity, and must make a Willpower (doubled) roll to resist it.

Occult Investigator (4-point Quality)

     Occult Investigators get +1 to two mental Attributes; +2 to the Occultism skill. Like reporters, they have an insatiable curiosity but specifically about the supernatural. They must make a Willpower (doubled) roll to resist learning something supernatural.

Robot (4-point Quality)

     Robots along the lines of Ted or April get +4 Strength, +1 Dextery, and +2 Constitution. However, they cannot heal naturally. A person with Science 3 or higher can fix the robot -- each success in a Science + Intelligence roll restore 1 Life Point per Constitution level per hour.

Slayer (16-point Quality)

     Slayers get +3 Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution; as well as +2 Willpower. They automatically get the Qualities Fast Reaction Time, Nerves of Steel; and Hard to Kill +5. They have +1 to the Getting Medieval and Kung Fu skills. They also fast healing; vampire detection; 5pt Adversary; 3pt Obligation

Slayer-In-Training (4-point Quality)

     Though these aren't likely to exist after Willow's spell, they would have +1 to any two physical Attributes; and +2 to the Acrobatics, Kung Fu, Getting Medieval, and Occultism skills. They also have a 1-point Adversary Drawback (the First and other evils) and a 1-point Obligation (Watcher's council).

Totem Warrior (12-point Quality)

     These are Native Americans imbued with the power of animal spirits of their ancestors. They may add +8 divided among Attributes (fitting their totem animal). They also have one Acute Sense and the Fast Reaction Time and Hard to Kill +3 Qualities. They have +1 to the Kung Fu skill. But they have a 3-point Adversary Drawback (the Wendigos), and they have a -1 penalty to Willpower rolls to resist their basest impulses.

Vampire (12-point Quality)

     Vampire PCs have +3 Strength; and +2 Dexterity and Constitution. They have the Hard to Kill +1 Quality. They also use the special damage rules for vampires.

Werewolf (controlled) (12-point Quality)

     In animal form: +4 Str; +2 Dex and Con; Acute Sense (Smell); claws/bite

Standard Qualities

Acute Sense (2-points/level Quality)

     This gives +3 bonus to any Perception-related roll using that sense.

Attractiveness (1-point/level Quality)

     This gives +1 bonus per level to any activity (usually Influence Skill rolls) where persuading people is a factor.

Contacts (1-point/level Quality)

     You should pick a sphere of influence for your contacts: Criminal, Financial, Governmental, Supernatural. Contacts that provide only rumors cost 1 point. Contacts that convey reliable information cost 2 points. Actual allies who help the character in any way can cost 3 to 5 points, depending on the contacts resources.

Empathy (2-point Quality)

     With a Perception + Notice roll, your character can tell what someone is feeling.

Enchanted or Superscience Item (2-points/level Quality)

     Your character has a wondrous item, which is rated by power level similar to spells (see pp. 90-97 in The Magic Box).

Enchanter/Superscientist (5-points/level Quality)

     Your character can create wondrous items, which are rated by power level similar to spells (see pp. 90-97 in The Magic Box).

Fast Reaction Time (2-point Quality)

     This gives a +5 bonus to initiative, and a +1 bonus on Willpower tests resisting fear.

Good Luck (1-point/level Quality)

     Each level of Good Luck allows the character to, once per session, re-roll a roll. Further, after the second roll he may decide to retroactively spend a Drama Point to boost it. Normally Drama Points must be declared before the roll.

Hard to Kill (1-point/level Quality)

     Each level adds +1 bonus to Survival Tests, and add 3 Life Points to your character's pool.

Invisible (10-point Quality)

     The character is permanently invisible. Even in close combat, any attacks against her require a Perception + Notice roll, and have a -4 penalty.

Iron Mind (3-point Quality)

     Your character is immune to all forms of Telepathy and some Supernatural Senses (GM's discretion), as well as all spells or powers that seek to read or control her thoughts or emotions.

Magic Family/Group (Variable Quality)

     Your character has relatives and/or similar-minded magicians who support her.

Natural Toughness (2-point Quality)

     The character has four points of Armor Value against blunt attacks only.

Nerves of Steel (3-point Quality)

     Immune to fear except when confronted with the strangest supernatural manifestations, and even then gains a +4 bonus to his Willpower rolls.

Occult Library (1-point to 5-point Quality)

     Immune to fear except when confronted with the strangest supernatural manifestations, and even then gains a +4 bonus to his Willpower rolls.

Photographic Memory (2-point Quality)

     The character can memorize long passages or documents without difficulty, and gains +1 on any skill roll where memorizing facts is useful.

Psychic Visions (1-point Quality)

     The character gains visions at GM's discretion, or by spending a Drama Point for the plot twist.

Psychometry (4-point Quality)

     The character may sense the history of an object by rolling Perception + Notice, which may range from feeling emotions for the past day (1 Success) to visions within the past year (4 successes) or more.

Rank (1-point/level Quality)

     Your character has priviledges in the army, police, or other organization. This ranges from 1 (Sergeant or Agent) to 4 (Captain or Bureau Chief) or more.

Resistance (1-point/level Quality)

     Choose a type: paranormal, pain, poison/disease, or demonic powers. Each level adds +2 to rolls to resist that effect.

Resourceful (3-points/level Quality)

     The character has notable access to useful stuff. Note that any character can buy normal stuff and may even have a car or house. However, they will not have no guns or special gadgets, and do not use their money on adventures such as bribes. A non-resourceful character may be relatively wealthy, in which case (1) their money is tied up in investments, (2) they lack saavy to use your money on adventures, and/or (3) they are unwilling to spend it.

Resourceful: 3 point Quality
You have things like a stash full of medieval weapons, a secret room or office, and other special gear. You can bribe people with money or perhaps favors/connections (+3 to Influence under appropriate circumstances). With effort and possibly an Int + appropriate skill roll, you can do things like get legal but hard-to-find equipment, an untraceable car perhaps, and other mundane resources. With a drama point this could do more. This would probably be Xander's level. Someone who is really rich (millionaire or close) should always have at least this level.
Very Resourceful: 6 point Quality
You may have a safe hideout and multiple caches of weapons, possibly with military-grade stuff for yourself (only) -- such as armor, taser, or night-vision goggles. With effort and a skill roll, you can get specialized equipment like tracer dart, explosives, and such. You have +6 to Influence under appropriate circumstances (bribe, call in favors, etc.). This would be Riley's level.
Super Resourceful: 9 point Quality
You have a base of operations and minions. Of course, this doesn't go as far as one might hope or expect on Buffy, but it's certainly handy. This would be Warren's or Maggie Walsh's level.

Situational Awareness (2-point Quality)

     This gives a +2 bonus to sense danger in your character's immediate surroundings.

Sorcery (5-points/level Quality)

     This is inner magical power, which adds directly to spellcasting rolls and telekinesis rolls.

Spirit Medium (2-point Quality)

     Your character can see (and talk to) dead people.

Telekinesis (3-points/level Quality)

     Roll Willpower+Telekinesis to move things with your mind. The strength is equal to the success levels.

Telepathy (5-point Quality)

     Your character can speak into the minds of anyone she knows well, as long as she can see them or knows where they are. She can communicate simultaneously with a number of people equal to her Willpower. If she touches someone or looks into their eyes, she can listen in on what the person is thinking, resisted by a Willpower (doubled) roll.

The Sight (3-point Quality)

     Your character can see magic and traces of supernatural power.