Addiction (Variable Drawback)

     Varies from habitual drinking or smoking (1 point) to heavy use of heroin (6 points).

Adversary (Variable Drawback)

     Ranges from a normal person (1 point); new vampire or gang of thugs (2 points); a Green Beret, veteran vampire, or local police (3 points); city police (4 points); CIA (5 points). The Season Five main cast have adversaries as follows: Oz (1 point), Dawn (2 points), Willow/Xander/Tara/Spike (3 points each), Riley (4 points), Giles (5 points), Angel (7 points), Buffy (8 points).

Bad Luck (1-point/level Drawback)

     Any time you roll a "10", you roll another die. If it is less than or equal to your Bad Luck, a mishap occurs through no fault of your own. The player then announces this, and the exact result is GM-determined. It should be significantly worse than failure, affecting the scene as a whole.

Clown (1-point Drawback)

     A role-playing disadvantage where people have trouble taking you seriously. It has no direct mechanical effects.

Covetous (1-point to 3-point Drawback)

     At 1 point, a role-playing disadvantage with no mechanics. At 2 points, requires Willpower (doubled) rolls at -1 to -3. The character may steal credit from a friend. At 3 points, requires Willpower (doubled) rolls at -1 to -5. For enough reward, the character may turn on friends or even loved ones.

Demon Tutor (2-point Drawback)


Dependent (2-point to 3-point Drawback)

     One dependent (like Joyce or Dawn) is 2 points. Multiple dependents are 3 points.

Emotional Problems (1-point to 3-point Drawback)

     One of: Depression (1 or 2 points), Emotional Dependency (1 point), Fear of Commitment (1 point), Fear of Rejection (1 point).

Honorable (1-point to 3-point Drawback)


Humorless (1-point Drawback)

     A role-playing disadvantage with no direct mechanical effects.

Impaired Sense (2-points/level Drawback)

     Gives -2 per level to all Perception rolls.

Love (2-point or 4-point Drawback)

     At 2 points, a serious attachment, which may require Willpower (doubled) roll at -3 at critical points. For 4 points, this is "Tragic Love" but the love is fated to end badly.

Magic Magnet (2-point Drawback)


Magic Family/Group (Variable Drawback)


Mental Problems (1-point to 3-point Drawback)


Minority (1-point Drawback)

     A role-playing disadvantage to represent negative bias that often is carried against minorities. It has no direct mechanical affect.

Misfit (2-point Drawback)

     Dorks, squibs, freaks, geeks, wads, etc. The character has a -2 penalty to all Influence tasks.

Obligation (Variable Drawback)

Obsession (2-point Drawback)

Paranoid (2-point Drawback)

Physical Disability (Variable Drawback)

Reckless (2-point Drawback)

Recurring Nightmares (1-point Drawback)

Secret (Variable Drawback)

Showoff (2-point Drawback)

Talentless (2-point Drawback)

Teenager (2-point Drawback)

Unresourceful (2-point Drawback)

Werewolf (Uncontrolled) (3-point Drawback)

Zealot (3-point Drawback)

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