Age 2pts/level  p. 36  +Int (max 4) in skill points per level; 1pt Adversary or Secret per level
Artist 2pts  p. 36  +1 to two mental Attributes; +1 Art; -1 to all rolls for controlling emotions
Cop/Ex-Cop 4/5pts  SH p. 31  +1 to one physical Attribute; +1 to Crime, Driving, and Gun Fu skills
Criminal 2pts  SH p. 31  +1 to one Attribute; +1 to Crime and one other skill; poor impulse control
Initiative Commando 4pts  p. 40  +1 to two physical Attributes; Fast Reaction Time or Situational Awareness; Hard to Kill +4; 3pt Obligation
Jock 3pts  p. 41  +1 to two physical Attributes; +2 Sports; -1 to all intellectual rolls
Nerd 3pts  p. 43  +1 to two mental Attributes; +2 to Computers, Knowledge, or Science; -1 to all social rolls
Nosy Reporter 5pts  SH p. 32  +1 to Intelligence and Perception; +1 to Notice and one other skill; 2pts of Contacts; curiousity
Occult Investigator 4pts  SH p. 32  +1 to two mental Attributes; +2 to Occultism skill; obsessed with the supernatural
Robot 5pts  p. 47  +4 Str; +1 Dex; +2 Con; cannot heal naturally
Slayer 16pts  p. 48  +3 Str, Dex, and Con; +2 Will; Fast Reaction Time; Nerves of Steel; Hard to Kill +5; +1 Getting Medieval and Kung Fu; fast healing; vampire detection; 5pt Adversary; 3pt Obligation
Slayer-In-Training 4pts  SH p. 32  +1 to two physical Attributes; +2 to Acrobatics, Kung Fu, Getting Medieval, and Occultism; 1pt Adversary; 1pt Obligation
Totem Warrior 12pts  SH p. 33/82  +8 divided among Attributes; one Acute Sense; Fast Reaction Time; Hard to Kill +3; +1 to Kung Fu; 3pt Adversary; animalistic impulses
Vampire 15pts  p. 50  +3 Str; +2 Dex and Con; Hard to Kill +1; special damage rules
Watcher 5pts  p. 50  +1 to one physical Attribute; +2 Getting Medieval; +2 to monster research rolls
Werewolf (controlled) 6pts or 12pts  p. 51  In animal form: +4 Str; +2 Dex and Con; Acute Sense (Smell); claws/bite
Acute Sense 2pts/level  p. 34 
Attractiveness 1pt/level  p. 36 
Contacts 1pt/level  p. 37 
Empathy 2pts  MB p. 29 
Enchanted or Superscience Item 2pts/level  MB p. 29 
Enchanter/Superscientist 5pts/level  MB p. 29 
Fast Reaction Time 2pts  p. 39 
Good Luck 1pt/level  p. 39 
Hard to Kill 1pt/level  p. 39 
Invisible 10pts  MB p. 30 
Iron Mind 3pts  MB p. 30 
Magic Family/Group varies  MB p. 31 
Military Rank 1pt/level  p. 42 
Natural Toughness 2pts  p. 43 
Nerves of Steel 3pts  p. 43 
Occult Library 1pt to 5pts  p. 44 
Photographic Memory 2pts  p. 45 
Psychic Visions 1pt  p. 45 
Psychometry 4pts  MB p. 32 
Resistance 1pt/level  p. 46 
Resources 2pts/level  p. 46 
Situational Awareness 2pts  p. 48 
Sorcery 5pts/level  p. 49 
Spirit Medium 2pts  MB p. 33 
Telekinesis 3pts/level  MB p. 33 
Telepathy 5pts  MB p. 34 
The Sight 3pts  MB p. 34 
Addiction varies  p. 34 
Adversary varies  p. 34 
Bad Luck 1pt/level  p. 39 
Clown 1pt  p. 37 
Covetous 1pt to 3pts  p. 37 
Demon Tutor 2pts  MB p. 28 
Dependent 2pts or 3pts  p. 38 
Emotional Problems 1pt to 3pts  p. 38 
Honorable 1pt to 3pts  p. 40 
Humorless 1pt  p. 40 
Impaired Sense 2pts/level  p. 34 
Love 2pts or 4pts  p. 41 
Magic Magnet 2pts  MB p. 30 
Magic Family/Group varies  MB p. 31 
Mental Problems 1pt to 3pts  p. 41 
Minority 1pt  p. 42 
Misfit 2pts  p. 42 
Obligation varies  p. 43 
Obsession 2pts  p. 44 
Paranoid 2pts  p. 44 
Physical Disability varies  p. 45 
Reckless 2pts  p. 45 
Recurring Nightmares 1pt  p. 46 
(Lack of) Resources 2pts/level  p. 46 
Secret varies  p. 48 
Showoff 2pts  p. 48 
Talentless 2pts  p. 49 
Teenager 2pts  p. 50 
Werewolf (Uncontrolled) 3pts  p. 51 
Zealot 3pts  p. 51