Combat Maneuvers for Carlos Salado y Ortiz
Maneuver Bonus Damage Notes
Aiming 9 - Add Success Levels to subsequent shooting roll
Bow Shot 8 16 Ranged attack modifiers apply
Break Neck 10 16 Survival check required if -10 Life Points or less
Catch Weapon 5 -
Choke 10 8 Asphyxiation: -2 to all actions
Crossbow Shot 10 16 Ranged attack modifiers apply; full turn to reload
Decapitation 5 varies Total damage multiplied by five
Disarm 8 - Resisted by Parry
Dodge 10 -
Feint 9 - Add Success Levels to next action
Grapple 12 - -2 for a limb or -1 for whole body; Sets up for Toss, Wrestling Hold, or Head Butt
Gunshot 5 - Ranged attack modifiers apply
Head Butt 8 10 No defense if target is grappled; miss means attacker takes damage instead
Kick 9 10
Melee Weapon 10 8+var Big Knife +3 (Slash/Stab), Baseball Bat (2-handed) +10, Big Ass Sword +14 (Slash/Stab)
Punch 10 8
Spin Kick 8 12 Successful parry allows leg grapple attempt
Jump Kick 7 15 Roll +5 first; attacker falls if either roll fails; add both successes to damage; only attack in the turn
Slam-Tackle 4 8 Resist with Strength or Muscle/2 or fall
Takedown 10 4 Resist with Parry or Dodge or fall
Wrestling Hold 8 - Must grapple first; Target has -1 per success until breaks free
Attack from Behind -2 (normal) No defense unless target has Situational Awareness or makes Perception + Notice roll
Double/Triple Attack -2 per (normal) Apply to all targets, but they defend separately
Full Defense +3 (normal) May not attack, but defend against two attacks at no penalty and +3 to Dodge or Parry
Full Offense +2 (normal) No defense against any attacks
Groin Shot -3 (normal) Roll Willpower (doubled) to recover, -1 for females, -(2 x Successes) for males
Knockdowns -2 (normal) Defenses are at -2 penalty for that turn if knocked down.
Knockout Blow -2 x 1/2 Constitution Roll (doubled) minus Successes or lights out
Through the Heart -3 special x 4 instead of usual Slash/Stab modifier; Vampire dusted if x 5 would put them out