Brawny Thews

A soft tigerish step and the rustle of a cloak warned him, but before he could turn, a heavy arm hooked about his throat from behind, crushing the cry before it could reach his lips. In the brief instant that was allowed him he realized with a surge of panic the strength of his attacker, against which his own brawny thews were helpless. He sensed without seeing the poised dagger.

"Nemedian dog!" muttered a voice thick with passion in his ear. "You've cut off your last Aquilonian head!"

And that was the last thing he ever heard.

The Hour of the Dragon, by Robert E. Howard

These are notes on a one-shot fantasy game using the recent Conan RPG by Paul Tucker and Ian Sturrock. The concept is about a group of Cimmerian warriors have been captured and taken to the city of Aghrapur. The concept could be the basis for a campaign, but I am first trying it as an event I first ran at KublaCon 2004. I may run it again at other conventions, so information here is limited to starting player information for the most part. However, see my general RPG pages for more info on me as a GM and gamer.

Event Description (Long):
Centuries after Conan was king, the Aquilonian Empire collapsed and Hyrkanian hordes descended upon the west sweeping over the ruins, even into the harsh land of Cimmeria. This was the twilight before darkness for the Hyborians. This is the tale of a band of Cimmerians who came to face the empress of the Turanian Empire. It tells of the indomitable spirit of the Cimmerians deep in the unfamiliar lands of the easterners, in the teeming city of Aghrapur. There is intrigue and action within the forbidden city of the Turanian Empress, as the band seeks to free not only themselves, but their country.

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