The Scatterstar Pirates Campaign

         This is a campaign of action and mystery. It is set in the Scatterstar Archipelago in the south of the Kingdom of Aldis. It is a a civilized region, but it is also the center for trade routes to outer lands. There are over 200 islands and innumerable rocky shoals in the archipelago. Pirates operating from hidden bases among these raid both Jarzoni and Aldin shipping. Some scrupulous pirates will raid only Jarzoni shipping, styling themselves privateers (though they have no sanction). Others are still more lawless. The shipping is controlled by the powerful Merchant's Guild, which has a direct power within the government of Aldea. Aldis has no elections, but because of its power the Merchant's Guild had negotiated one vote within the five-vote system. This is enormous power compared to other forces, and I picture various intrigue within the distant islands. The guild is viewed as having dubious morals by many, but its power is undeniable.

         The characters for this campaign should all be shady types, outside of the guild and the law in general. They could be an active pirate crew, or a band of ex-pirates looking for work. With the focus on the sea action, both Sea Folk and dolphins would be workable characters -- though Rhy-horses probably inappropriate.

         A key focus for the game would be a treasure hunt which takes them into the Tomb of Delsha Artanis, which secretly lies beneath the small coastal town of Elsport. Delsha Artanis was a legendary ruler from centuries ago who formed the repressive Empire of Thorns. However, there will be plenty of wandering action and probably some ship-board fights. As fits the genre, the treasure hunt should reflect the personal lives of the people involved. There will be supernatural forces at work as well.

         The general region as well as one band of Aldean pirates are described in the World of Aldea book. However, there's a lot of room for additional detail. Because of the possibilities of split action, I picture each player taking two characters where their combined levels total to 8. I am just starting to put together some sample characters below.

Kethia Fallon
Captain of the Azure Banner Pirates.


         The adventures would be mixed between intrigue among the scattered islands, action scenes on the high seas, and in particular the bit-by-bit exploration of the Tomb of Delsha Artanis. This is located below sea level underneath the coastal town of Elsport. It is a dungeon where most of the tunnels are flooded with sea water. Delsha Artanis was the founder and for one hundred years the sovereign ruler of the Empire of Thorns which ended the Old Kingdom, some seven hundred years ago. Her tomb was actually a prison for her soul constructed by the Sorcerer Kings who overthrew her.

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