Feat Name Summary
Arcane Training You're trained in two arcana.
Arcanum You can use one arcanum without an Arcane Talent feat.
Feat Name Summary
Wild Talent You have a strong wild talent with a particular type of arcana.
Feat Name Summary
Accurate Attack Reduce your damage bonus to increase your attack bonus.
All-out Attack Reduce your defense bonus to increase your attack bonus.
Arcane WeaponL > 5 Your melee weapons are considered arcane weapons.
Blind-fight Half miss chance while in melee combat.
Improved Critical Your threat range with a particular attack is doubled.
Improved Disarm +2 bonus when attempting to disarm an opponent.
Improved Feint You can feint as a move action.
Improved Initiative You get a +4 bonus on initiative checks.
Feat Name Summary
Improved Sunder +4 to hit when striking held objects.
On the Run Move both before and after your standard action.
Power Attack Reduce your attack bonus to increase your damage.
Two-Weapon Fighting You can skillfully fight with a weapon in each hand.
Crippling Strike1F Your surprise attacks inflict 1 point of Str damage.
Stunning Attack You can make a stunning attack in melee.
Surprise Attack +2 damage with a surprise attack.
Combat: Defense
Feat Name Summary
Armour Training You know how to move and fight while wearing armour.
Canny Defense Add your Int or Wis score to your Defense.
Defensive Attack Reduce your attack bonus to increase your dodge bonus.
Dodge +1 to your dodge bonus.
Improved Dodge +2 bonus when taking the dodge action.
Improved Uncanny Dodge1F You cannot be flanked.
Feat Name Summary
Shield Training You're trained in the proper use of shields in combat.
Snatch Arrows1F You can catch ranged weapons.
Two-Weapon Defense1F Your two-weapon fighting style improves your Defense.
Uncanny Dodge You retain your dodge bonus when flat-footed.
Deflect Arrows You can deflect one ranged attack against you per round.
Combat: Mounted
Feat Name Summary
Mounted Archery Half penalty when using ranged weapons while mounted.
Mounted Combat Substitute Ride check for mount's Defense.
Ride-By Attack While mounted you can move before and after a standard action.
Feat Name Summary
Spirited Charge1F Deal double damage with a melee weapon while charging.
Trample1F You can overrun very effectively while mounted.
Combat: Ranged
Feat Name Summary
Far Shot1F Increase range increment by one-half (double for thrown weapons).
Improved Precise Shot1F No penalty for less than total cover or concealment.
Improved Ranged Disarm No penalty when making a ranged disarm attempt.
Feat Name Summary
Point Blank Shot +1 attack and damage with ranged weapons at 30' range.
Precise Shot1F You can make ranged attacks into melee with no penalty.
Ranged Pin You can pin an opponent with a ranged weapon.
Combat: Unarmed
Feat Name Summary
Arcane Strike1F, L > 4 Your unarmed strikes are considered arcane weapons.
Improved Grab You can follow an unarmed attack with a free grapple.
Feat Name Summary
Improved Strike You do Lethal damage unarmed.
Improved Trip +2 bonus to trip opponents.
Combat: Weapons
Feat Name Summary
Exotic Weapon Training You're trained in a particular exotic weapon.
Weapon Finesse Add your Dex score in place of your Str score with a light weapon.
Feat Name Summary
Weapon Training You're trained in the use of martial weapons.
Feat Name Summary
ComprehendL > 3 You can understand the spoken language of any creature.
Endurance +4 bonus on stamina-related Con checks and Fort saves.
Low-light Vision See twice as far in low-light conditions.
Pure-Hearted +4 bonus on saves to resist corruption.
Rhy-bonded You have a psychic bond to a companion.
Feat Name Summary
Track You can find and follow tracks.
Wild Empathy You can use Handle Animal as an interaction skill.
Master Plan Gain a bonus when you have a chance to prepare.
Trapfinding You can use Search to find hidden traps.
Feat Name Summary
Arcane Balance1F, L > 2 You can walk across any surface without sinking.
Arcane SpeedL > 2 You can move with great speed in short bursts.
Improved Balance No penalty for accelerated movement while balancing.
Improved Climb No penalty for accelerated movement while climbing.
Feat Name Summary
Improved Speed +10 feet movement speed.
Run You run at 5 times your normal speed.
Trackless Step You leave no trail in natural surroundings.
Wildwalk1F You can move through natural surroundings freely.
Feat Name Summary
Fortune's Favour Add your Cha score to your saving throws.
Great Fortitude +2 on Fortitude saving throws.
Great Toughness +1 on Toughness saving throws.
Immunity to DiseaseL > 1 You are immune to all diseases.
Immunity to PoisonL > 6 You are immune to all poisons.
Iron Will +2 bonus on Will saving throws.
Feat Name Summary
Lightning Reflexes +2 bonus on Reflex saving throws.
Second Chance You get a second save against a particular hazard.
Self-Healing You can use Body Control to heal yourself.
Evasion No damage from attacks if you make your Reflex safe.
Improved Evasion1F No damage on a successful Reflex save, half on a failed save.
Slow FallL > 1 You can slow your fall by 10' per two levels.
Feat Name Summary
Skill Affinity Add two skills to your list of favored skills.
Skill Focus +3 bonus with a chosen skill.
Skill Training Add two skills to your list of known skills.
Talented +2 with two related skills.
Feat Name Summary
Improvised Tools No penalty for using a skill without the proper tools.
Jack of All Trades You may use any skill untrained.
Skill Mastery Choose 5 skills you can take 10 with even under pressure.
Feat Name Summary
Beloved You have found true love.
Favors You know people who can help you out from time to time.
Heirloom You have some inheritance left to you.
Improved Demoralize You can make an Intimidate check as a move action.
Sensitive +2 bonus on interaction skills with intelligent creatures.
Feat Name Summary
Taunt Make a Bluff check to shake a target's confidence.
Wealthy +3 Wealth bonus.
Fascinate You can capture and hold a person's attention.
Inspire You can inspire others with your presence.
Suggest1F You can plant suggestions into the minds of others.