The Aldean Court Campaign

         This is a campaign concept set in the royal court of the Kingdom of Aldis. The idea is that the PCs would be a team of the Sovereign's Finest, who are assigned to keeping an eye on matters within the court itself. They are not mere guards, though they are there to protect. More importantly, though, they are hosts and diplomats of the crown. In keeping with Aldean culture, they are not hidden but rather participate in court function openly.

         Each session would be one evening of court function, usually involving a banquet, dancing, and other cultural activities. In play, this would be a timetabled, mapped event. Rather than having PCs wander around a city or the wilderness, there would be a fixed map for the evening -- and the PCs place themselves to keep an eye on things. Ideally, we would have miniatures (paper or even better painted) for the PCs as they move around the function.

         The idea would be to keep some of the tactile, strictly known interactivity of having miniatures on a map -- but using it for intrigue and social activity rather than just combat. There would be a developing plot from session to session of politics and threat of infiltration by sorcerous agents. However, each session would be a discrete function which ends with the close of it.

         I have not yet made any sample characters for this, but I include below some of the important NPCs.

Queen Jaellin
The young queen of the kingdom.


         Naturally, Queen Jaellin would be a feature of most session -- as would Lord Sayvin and the members of the Sovereign's council. The young Queen, though stalwart, is not experienced with intrigue.

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