Idelle of Mainz (Born 740 A.D.)

         Idelle is a small woman, seeming moreso by her contrast with Sigurd and Nikos. In early years she was something of a maypole, but in maturity she has grown more full-figured. At twenty seven, she strikes quite a sight, with lustrous brown hair which hangs halfway down her back, and deep brown eyes. While her hands are tough from manual labor around the laboratory, overall she is quite delicate, being a slight woman with a sheltered upbringing.

[ In truth, she is considerably tougher than she appears, perhaps by some virtue of her Corporem talent. She has almost never gotten sick, and recovers quickly from her wounds -- although she will cry out piteously at the pain of injury. ]

         Idelle has never travelled further than day-trips to the town of Metz. She has never spent a night outside until now, never hunted or rode, and never been to any event larger than the local marketplace. She has often stayed up long hours in rapt attention listening to Nikos and Grigory's tales of foreign lands. However, Bonisagus insisted that she stay close at hand.

         She came to covenant of Bonisagus at the tender age of 7, the youngest of four sisters in a farm only two days journey south of the tower. When her early life is brought up, a look of great sadness comes over her, and she tries to change the subject.

[ She was all but thrown out by her family at the least hint of recompense from Bonisagus, and thoroughly ignored before that point. By comparison, even the small bit of attention she received as an apprentice was welcome. ]

         She is an eager student of magical and classical learning, limited primarily by the size of Bonisagus' library. She has memorized cover to cover a book on the lives of saints, and in general is best on her knowledge of Church affairs and medicine. Grigory has often lectured her on further wonders, which she listened to with rapt attention. However, she has a poor memory for such verbal lessons, and proved an unworthy student.

[ In case it isn't obvious, she is sharp as a razor, but Grigory makes an awful teacher. ]

         Her Gift is rather peculiar. She has shown a great affinity for Corporem magic, and especially at close range her ability is quite strong. However, the power of her magic can wax and wane in unpredictable ways. She has tried hard to study magic theory and the harmonies of vis, but to fairly little effect. This is probably related to her difficulties in using vis: she requires twice the usual amount of vis for almost all properties.

[ Note that this has a grain of truth. She does have genuine difficulty with vis, but like many of her ailments it is quite overplayed. She does have a fear that she will waste vis and not use it correctly, and thus hoards it for safety's sake. Her magic "waxing and waning" mostly has to do with her being flaky. ]

         Where she excels at is in healing magic and other subtle effects on living people. The spells she has learned are all Corporem and Mentem, including spells of manipulation as well as her central spells of healing.


Intelligence: +4 (sharply discerning)   Perception: +1 (good listener)
Strength: -2 (small and sheltered)      Stamina: +2 (long-suffering)
Presence: +3 (soft eyes)                Communication: +2 (melodic voice)
Dexterity: +1 (steady-handed)           Quickness: +1 (nervous)

Sympathetic +4		
Loyal +5
[Not sure how to describe her Passive-Aggressiveness in traits]

+1 Exceptional Talent: Healer
+1 Good Characteristic: Stamina
+1 The Gentle Gift
+1 Special Circumstances: Touch
+3 Magical Affinity: Corporem

-1 Compulsion: being a victim
-2 Non-combatant (-2 Atk and Dmg; No combat skills allowed)
-1 Uncommon Fear: being alone
-2 Deleterious Circumstances: being alone (x1/2)
-1 Minor Magical Deficiency: Vim (x1/2)

Corporem Affinity: 3	Finesse: 3		Penetration: 2
Magic Theory: (4)	Concentration: 1	Meditation: 1
Healing: 2

Charm: 2		Folk Ken: 1		Diplomacy: 1
Sewing: 2		Cooking: 2		Chirurgy: 3
Speak Frankish: (4)	Speak Latin: (5)	Speak Greek: (2)
			Scribe Latin: (3)	Scribe Greek: 2
Humanities: 1		Medicine: 2		Church Lore: 2

Athletics: -1		Climb: -2		Dodge: 0
Brawl: -3		Survival: -2		Tracking: -3
Acting: -2		Drinking: -3		Intimidation: -3

Creo: 4			Animalem: 4 		Ignem: [nil]
Intellego: 2		Auram: [nil] 		Imagonem: 1 
Muto: 4			Aquam: 2 		Mentem: 8
Perdo: 2		Corporem: 8		Terram: 1 
Rego: 4			Herbam: 1 		Vim: 1 (x1/2)

Bind Wound (CrCo 10)
Gentle Touch of the Purified Body (CrCo 15)
The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch (CrCo 20)
Invocation of Weariness (PeCo 5)

Memory of the Distant Dream (CrMe 20)
Subtle Shift of Heart (MuMe 10)
Trust of Childlike Faith (PeMe 10)
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 15)
Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe 20)


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