Princess of Amber, Queen of Shadow Erebus

Psyche: [ 32 + n ]
Strength: Chaos [ -10 ]
Endurance: Amber
Warfare: Amber
Description: 5'2" of height, and slimly built, with raven hair, deep sea-blue eyes, and pale of complexion.
Pattern Imprint [ 50 ]
Sorcery [ 15 ]
Familiar: Shadowcat [ 15 ]
Shadowcat is a creature whom she first encountered when wandering through Shadow out of Avalon. He is of distant Chaos blood, perhaps, but also something more. He may appear as any feline -- which is limited to a distinctive class, but may include any Shadow feline from the elephantine Aslan, giant pouncers of the Shadow Ri'ik, to the blind Nightstalkers of Erebus, who use sonar like Earth's bats.
His flesh, in all forms is like iron: twice as strong as the creatures he imitates, and very tough to wound. His skin is not too difficult to breach, but his flesh and bones are quite solid. Further, his claws are always supernaturally long and deadly. His stamina and healing, however, are normal for the animals he imitates. He is naturally intelligent and thoughtful, but his mind is cloaked from psychic detection. In personality, he is like his totem -- self-assured and independent, but he is also utterly devoted to his mistress, and willingly acts as her bodygaurd and near constant companion. She typically walks about with several intelligent cats from Erebus, one of which is secretly him. While he cannot walk through shadow on his own, he can follow the trail of someone ahead.
Soulguard Amulet [ 11 ]
This amulet was a gift from Edward, which confers immunity to conventional weapons upon the wearer, and upon which twelve spells can be hung. It consists of twelve jeweled cat's heads made of silver with tiny sapphire eyes, linked by a threadlike silver chain with no obvious clasp. It, too, is indestructable, and is tight enough that is cannot be pulled off by force. One of the cat's heads is actually a secret clasp, which is opened by pushing in the right eye with a delicate instrument.
Amber Court Devotee: Florimel [ 6 ]
Family Friend: Fiona [ 2 ]
Personal Shadow: Erebus [ 1 ]
Erebus is a world wrapped in eternal night. Enormous trees, to which giant redwoods are dwarfs, cover most of the surface. What little light exists is lost in the leafy branches of the forest.
Edward is the lord over half of the globe in Erebus, and has been for the past 240 years. He rules from a wooden palace called Darkhaven around a tree large even for Erebus. The people are cliquish and conservative, but fairly industrious, and have both fear and respect for their conjuror-king. Their technology is close to that of Earth's nineteenth century, with several changes: electricity works differently in this world, and is ill-suited for most technological purposes. Nitrates combust less strongly in this world, but still work at about half strength. On the other hand, magic is real, and alchemy draws out mystical properties from various substances - particularly metals. While there are not alot of 'gadget' to do things, their items are more durable and effective using these advanced materials.

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