Unofficial Aberrant Errata

p118: Rob purchased the Resiliencey enhancement as tainted, giving
      Phillip four dots of permanent Taint.  For the sake of argument,
      he took the "Glow" Aberration, which manifests as flickering
      black "sparks."  Note that the number of enhancements in the
      example are correct, as per Enhancements, below.
p125: The example lists a cost of 8 experience points for raising
      Firearms ability from 2 to 3 (the only example of experience
      spending).  This should be 4 experience points.
p141: Dormant characters keep all Attributes, Abilities, Backgrounds
      and Willpower purchased with nova points.  Dormant characters
      also keep their extended lifespans (based on Mega-Stamina in
      Nova form) and free Endurance and Resilience dots.  Novas who
      choose different forms at Dormancy 4-5 keep the above mentioned
      traits while dormant.  Dormant characters do not keep
      Mega-Attributes, Enhancements, Quantum Powers, or access
      to Attunement or Node.
p147: Under "Dying for Power", it says that by taking 1 point of
      lethal damage the Nova can gain 2 quantum points.  This is clearly 
      a mistake since lethal damage can be healed for only 1 quantum
      point using Regeneration or Healing.  Health levels burned to
      gain Quantum Pool may not be healed with Regeneration or Healing;
      novas may only heal them at the normal rate for the character's
      Stamina and Mega-Stamina. As an optional rule, it costs two
      Quantum Points to recover each health level burned in this manner.
p152: The final sentence should read ". . . is up to the player or
p154: A nova may purchase Mega-Attributes no higher than his normal
      Attribute, or his Quantum + 1, whichever is lower.  Examples:
      Magdalena has Charisma 4, Quantum 1.  She may purchase Mega-Charisma
      as high as two dots.  Luther has Strength 4, Quantum 5, and may
      purchase Mega-Strength as high as four dots.
p155: When a nova purchases a Mega-Attribute, she may select one
      enhancement to go with it.  It does not matter how many dots
      she purchases, she only gets one free enhancement.  All
      enhancements after the first must be purchased with nova
      points (3 per) or experience points (5 per).
p157: Replace "Crush" System block with:
      Strength damage is normally bashing damage. A nova with this
      ability inflicts bare-handed (Brawl or Martial Arts) as lethal
      damage. Additionally, each Quantum Point spent adds one level of
      lethal damage, up to the amount allowed by Node. The nova must
      spend a full turn to focus his attack and spends the chosen amount
      of Quantum Pool (minimum one) to augment the damage.  He makes the
      Crush attack on the following turn, at his normal initiative. 
      This enhancement only lasts for one strike, but can be reactivated
      as long as the nova has Quantum Pool to power it. This enhancement
      is cumulative with Claws. Example: Luther has Strength 4,
      Mega-Strength 4 and Node 3. Normally, he can inflict 6d10[20]
      Bashing. With Crush, he can spend up to 12 Quantum Points
      (adding 12 automatic damage levels and converting from bashing
      to lethal) to increase his damage to 6d10[32] Lethal for one strike.
p157: For "Shockwave" and "Thunderclap" damage dice, roll 5 dice
      bashing per dot of Mega-Strength. Crush may not be used
      to make this lethal damage.
p158: Enhanced Movement applies to all forms of movement except
      Teleportation, Warp or other "instantaneous" modes, or movement
      powers gained as techniques of other powers.

p161: Under "Adaptability" it first says the character "can survive
      indefinitely in conditions as hostile as Death Valley,
      Antartica, or outer space".  It then says that in "particularly
      hostile environments (the vacuum of space, ...) the character
      might need to spend a quantum point per scene, or even turn 
      of exposure".  
p161: Under "Regeneration" it says that "Regeneration does not heal
      aggravated damage", which directly contradicts the rules on
      aggravated damage on page 254, which say "Healing and
      Regeneration powers can heal aggravated damage, but each 
      level healed costs triple the normal quantum-point cost".
      Regeneration may heal aggravated damage at triple normal cost.
p161: "Resiliency" can be bought up to twice (but no more).  The first 
      purchase doubles the Mega-Stamina soak bonus; the second doubles
      the regular Stamina bonus.  Players may not purchase these these
      in reverse order (a player cannot purchase Resiliency once and
      choose to apply it to Stamina soak instead of Mega-Stamina soak).
p163: Under "High-End Electromagnetic Scan", it says that it work 
      by "spending a quantum point, taking an action and making a
      Perception roll", but it does not specify the duration.
      Perhaps it only lasts an instant, but it would be nice to
      know for sure.  
p181: Level Two Quantum powers lists the non-existant power "Growth" 
      as a separate entry from "Sizemorph (Grow)".  
p186: "Boost" lists range as "Touch" which should be "Self".  The 
      ability to affect others with the power is an Extra.  
p190: "Disorient" says to reduce the target's dice pools by X dice, 
      but doesn't say how to handle mega-dice.  cf. Immobilize (p204), 
      which specifies to lose Mega-Dex dots first.  
p196: "Entropy Control" lists a dice pool of "Intelligence + Entropy
      Control" for the general power, which contradicts the text and
      the powers chart.  This should be "(variable)+Entropy Control". 
p213: "Shape Alteration" lists first a dice pool of Wits + Molecular
      Manipulation, but then later in the text says Intelligence +
      Molecular Manipulation.  
p215: "Psychic Shield" says that it protects against Telepathy, and
      that it adds 2 successes to any roll to resist.  Telepathy has
      no roll to resist.  
p218: Under "Quantum Leech", it says that the nova must "touch the
      victim (standard contest of Dexterity if the touch is
      resisted)".  While not really a contradiction, this standard 
      is different than the general rules for "touch" range powers
      on p179, which say that "the nova must make a roll (using the
      power's dice pool) to touch the victim".
p219: Quantum Regeneration lists an "extra" which doubles the
      effectiveness of the power, for less than double the cost.  
p219: Quantum Vampire is listed as being able to steal "Traits" -- 
      i.e. Willpower, Quantum, or Taint -- but the effects of this 
      are not explained.  If Quantum is lowered, how does this effect
      powers with a quantum minimum?  If Willpower is lost, how are 
      temporary Willpower points affected?
p221: "Shapeshift" refers to non-existant "Clinging" and "Life
      Support" powers as options for putting points into.  
p222: "Sizemorph (Grow)" has x2 height and x2 mass per step, while
      "Sizemorph (Shrink)" has x1/2 height and x1/8 mass per step.  
      While not technically a contradiction, x8 mass is appropriate
      for proportional growth.
p223: For "Stun Attack", the capsule "Effect" text says it does
      (X) "levels of damage only to daze or knock out target".  The
      term "levels" is deceptive, since the stun-only effect has no 
      relation to other types of damage.  The mechanic acts directly 
      against Stamina rather than marking Health levels.  
p228: The "Warp" power has a table which translates successes rolled 
      into distance, but lists Dice Pools as "N/A" and the dice pool 
      used is never mentioned in the text.  
p233: The climbing rules refer to a "Clinging" power which does not
      exist in the Powers text.  This should refer to "Body
      Modification: Adhesive Grip".
p236: The throwing rules say to multiply throwing distance by 
      auto-successes from Mega-Strength, but it is not clear at
      what step to apply the multiplier.  If applied last, then
      all objects over 10kilograms have the same distance regardless 
      of how strong you are.  If applied first, then someone able to
      lift 100 tons still can't throw more than 300kg.  
p257: "Radiation" refers to a non-existant "Life Support" power,
      which should probably refer to the Mega-Stamina enhancement
      "Adaptability".  However, the same section lists Mega-Stamina
      separately, which confuses things.  
p257: Fact check: the description given of outer space is erroneous.
      In either man-made vacuum or outer space, asphixiation is the
      lethal component, while pressure effects can be crippling.
      Temperature and radiation are secondary concerns.  
p284: The sample character "Hugo the Bouncer" is listed as having 
      a quantum power called "Danger Sense" at 3 dots that is not 
      mentioned anywhere in the rules. 
p285: The sample character "Marissa Dunlop" is listed as having an
      aberration ("Glowing") while having only Taint 3, which
      contradicts the taint rules on p150.  
p288: "Invisibility" duration is listed as Maintenance in the power 
      description, but Concentration in the chart.  
p288: Chart lists "Psychic Link" power which is not in the text. 
p288: The dice pool for "Strobe" is based on Wits in the power
      description, but Dexterity in the chart.  

Adaptability, page 160: All references to "Life Support" actually refer to Adaptability. Additionally, the enhancement description refers to possible quantum point costs for extreme environments. It should be stressed that this is purely for dramatic license and depends upon the individual Storyteller and player needs. If one Storyteller wishes to emphasize the incredible power novas possess, he may never apply a cost to maintain Adaptability, even if the nova chooses to walk on the Sun or Jupiter's surface. Another Storyteller may decide to focus on a more down-to-Earth style, and charge for high pressures and vacuum. A third might choose to base it on the nova's Quantum Score, where Quantum 1 novas pay one quantum point per scene to avoid drowning while underwater and Quantum 5 novas can survive in the vacuum of space without expenditure. Mainly, choose a method and be consistent with application.

Also note that Adaptability will protect from any environmental condition. The sun's surface, the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the bubbling magma in a volcano's interior and the vacuum of space all qualify as environments. The nova's body can adapt to the constant conditions present and protect the nova from harm. Adaptability will not protect from any attacks, because they are too sudden for Adaptability to protect against. This means that a nova in a volcano's heart is subject to damage from his opponent who has Elemental Anima (Molten Rock) and blasts him with streams of magma. Why this is so is not yet clearly understood by nova or baseline researchers.

High-End Electromagnetic Scan, page 163: Each use of this power lasts for one action: Look through a wall, transmit or receive transmissions or other uses for the power. For three quantum points, the enhancement lasts for the scene.

Taint Resistance, page 168: Taint Resistance negates Taint for the purposes of resisting mental aberrations. Subtract Mega-Intelligence from the Taint penalty to Willpower rolls in such situations.

Synergy, page 170: Change the system as follows:

The part which reads: ". . . the nova's player may make a Wits roll. Everyone in the group receives an additional die for each success the nova's player achieves on his roll," should read: ". . . the nova's player may make a Wits roll. The group receives an additional "dice pool," equal to one die per success on the Wits roll, that may be applied in whole or part to any task or member in the group, except for the nova using Synergy." Example: Magdalena has Wits 5, Mega-Wits 2. She's researching a story with the help of three baseline assistants. She uses Synergy and rolls her dice: 7, 8, 9, 9, 3 and the Mega dice come up 10,9, for a total of 9 successes. She applies three successes to each of her assistants to aid their research rolls.

Claws, page 186: Add to Extras: Aggravated Damage (User inflicts Claws dice of aggravated damage, and may add one die to the damage total per extra success, maximum five additional dice. Do not add Strength to the damage roll).

Clone, page 186: Use the following system for Clone. It replaces the version in Aberrant:


Level: 3
Quantum Minimum: 5
Dice Pool: N/A
Range: Self
Area: N/A
Duration: One Scene
Effect: Creates up to Quantum + Clone duplicates.
Multiple Actions: No

Description: This power allows a nova to create "clones" of himself from quantum energies and nearby molecules. To use it, he spends one Quantum Point per duplicate he wishes to create (up to the maximum listed above).

Clones are exact duplicates of the character: they have the same Attributes, Abilities, powers, clothes and equipment (except that clones do not have the Clone power). They are separate persons in a game sense; if one is knocked unconscious or killed, the others are not affected. Clones do not have any sort of telepathic link; they communicate by talking.

Clones share their creator's Quantum Pool and Node rating. This means that if Luther, with Node 3 and Quantum Pool 30 creates three clones (for a total of four Luthers), they have one 27 point Quantum Pool, and may only spend 10 Quantum Points per turn total.

It takes one turn for a nova to create clones, but the character can do nothing else during that turn (not even walking). Once created, clones remain for a scene or until they "recombine with the original character. To recombine, the creator must only touch the clone he wants to merge into himself; again, they can perform no other action during that turn. Clones who do not recombine dissolve at the end of the scene, as the energies that form them dissipate.

If a nova melds with his clones, he may absorb their memories. If they dissipate or are killed, then he may not access their memories.

Disorient, page 190: Subtract Mega-Attribute dots first.

Elemental Mastery, page 194: In addition to the techniques listed for Elemental Mastery, a nova may also select any of the techniques listed for Elemental Anima, as Mastery covers the ability to control as well as create.

Entropy Control, page 196: Dice Pool should read as "Variable." Refer to each technique for the associated pools.

Hypermovement, page 203: As stated in the power description, characters moving at full tilt may take no actions (except Hyperspeed or Aerial Slam). Characters may also make Hyperspeed Strikes.

Immolate, page 204: Immolate gives two different damage values (one under Effect and one in the Description). Use the following: Quantum + (power rating x 3) bashing or Quantum + (power rating x 2) lethal.

Shape Alteration, page 213: Use Intelligence + Molecular Alteration, as per the Description.

Quantum Vampire, page 219: Quantum Vampire may drain Attributes (including Mega-Attributes), Abilities and Quantum Powers. Quantum Vampire may not drain: Quantum, Willpower, Taint or Backgrounds.

Shapeshift, page 220: "Life Support" refers to Adaptability and counts as one power. "Clinging" refers to Body Modification: Adhesive Grip and counts as one power.

Shroud, page 221: Add the user's Quantum score to the final successes and subtract from Mega-Perception dice before normal Perception.

Sizemorph (Grow), page 222: Effect should be x8 mass, not x2.

Telepathy, page 224: Use of Telepathy can be resisted with a Willpower roll, with each success subtracting from the telepath's rolled successes.

Warp, page 228: Warp's Dice Pool should be "Perception + Warp." Like Teleport, each point of Quantum (the Trait, not the Pool) the user has counts as one automatic success. A nova who uses Warp as an attack still rolls Dexterity + Warp to determine accuracy, but Perception + Warp to determine range. The Dexterity + Warp roll does not receive the benefit of automatic successes from Quantum.

The duration of Warp is listed as "special." When determining how long a nova can maintain a Warp, roll the nova's Willpower; the number of successes indicates how many turns the Warp remains open. The nova can extend the duration by spending Willpower points to keep the warp open an additional turn per point of Willpower spent..

Warps work both ways for people who travel through them (as well as for objects carried or tossed through). Pressure and temperature does not equalize between both sides (so you can't open a Warp to the center of the Sun and cause a jet of superheated plasma to shoot out and incinerate your enemies).

Aggravated Extra, page 231: Ranged attacks purchased with the Aggravated extra have a range equal to 5 x (Quantum + Power Rating), or half-normal range, whichever is lower. If the character has Quantum 5, treat an Aggravated Quantum Bolt as Disintegration (page 190).

Climbing, page 233: The final sentence should read: "A character with Body Modification: Adhesive Grip may climb without a die roll."

Throwing, page 236: The last paragraph should read: "Characters with Mega-Strength may throw objects of weight equal to their base lifting ability; to do so, they use the normal rules for throwing. However, when throwing objects whose mass is less than half their base lifting ability (e.g. a nova with Mega-Strength 2 attempting to hurl a 1000-kg automobile), they may multiply their normal throwing distance times their automatic Mega-Strength successes!

Example: Luther has Strength 4, Mega-Strength 4 and Might 5. He can normally lift (and thus throw) a 50,000-kg object at his Might score (Strength 4 +Might 5) x five meters, or 45 meters. If he lifts a 10,000-kg fighter jet, he can throw it 45 meters x 20 automatic successes for Mega-Strength 4, or 900 meters.

Kick, page 244: Kicks inflict Strength + 4 damage.

Radiation, page 257: "Life Support" refers to the Adaptability enhancement for Mega-Stamina.

Hugo the Bouncer, page 284: "Danger Sense" is listed as one of his powers. Replace the reference with "Intuition."

Quantum Powers Chart, page 289: This chart refers to Invisibility as Concentration. It should be "Maintenance." The chart also lists the "Psychic Link" power, which was left out of the rulebook. Here are the rules for its use:

Psychic Link

Level: 1
Quantum Minimum: 1
Dice Pool: Perception + Psychic Link
Range: See below
Area: See below
Duration: See below
Effect: Establishes a mental link between two or more characters.
Multiple Actions: N/A

Description: The nova imprints some of his quantum signature on another's (nova or baseline) brain, allowing mental communication.

This power allows the nova to establish an unbreakable "psychic link" between himself and another living thing (typically another person, but possibly an animal companion). The link is in effect Permanent, though either member can turn it off at any time, and the nova may break the link to establish one with another character. Furthermore, the link has a maximum range equal to 1,000 miles times x (Quantum + Psychic Link); if the characters are separated by a greater distance, the link automatically deactivates. In either case, reactivating the link requires a Perception + Psychic Link roll. It costs five quantum points to initially establish a link, but no further expenditures are required to reactivate or communicate through it.

A Psychic Link allows its members to communicate mentally. In essence it functions as a very limited form of Telepathy. However, it also exposes the characters to mental attacks - if a power like Domination is used on one member of the Link, it affects all members of the Link. However, the presence of multiple linked minds increases innate resistance to such attacks. Add +1 difficulty to all psychic attacks for each mind (beyond the first) in the link. Attempts to dominate other minds through the link must also overcome this resistance.

A telepathic nova who is within range of a linked individual may eavesdrop on conversations with a Perception + Telepathy roll, if his successes exceed the linking nova's Quantum + Psychic Link total. A telepathic nova may sense the presence of a link by rolling Perception + Telepathy and achieving 4 successes (2 if the link is active). The nova must actively sense for a link. At the ST's discretion, a telepathic nova directly in the line of "broadcast" may attempt to eavesdrop. This should be difficult to arrange.

Extras: Extra Link (allows the nova to psychically link to two other people)

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