Aberrant Character List

This is essentially an index to the characters mentioned in the background section of the Aberrant core rulebook (pp 1-100). It is alphabetical by the nova's "nova name" (i.e. Slider) or by the last name if no nova name is available.

South American Novox performer. p39-42
Antaeus (aka Dr. Balmer)
T2M mastermind behind Ethiopian terraforming with geo-powers and unknown info sources. p32, p36
?? Bhakra
Nova found killed during terraforming upkeep. p78
Nova who unmasked rival "Stone Badass" spring '07. p48
Anibal Buendia
A nova who can reconfigure his cellular structure. Creator of the polymer derivative known as eufiber. p11, p24, p71
?? Cherpa
Nova sympathizer with Slider. p79
Project Proteus operative. p85
Nova engineering genius working for government. p84
Andre Corbin
Nova athlete: ex-T2M member and Aberrant. p13, p15, p77-80
Leland Cornwall
Nova telepath working for the Directive. p89
Lydia Divine
Nova supermodel. p62
Divis Mal
Author of the Null Manifesto. p12, p89
Count Dragunov
Ultra-violent-talking nova. p51
Duke "Core" Baron
Nova XWF wrestler. p44, p54-55
Dr. Enrikssen
Nova engineering genius working for government. p84
The Face (aka Rocky Elizondo)
Violent-talking nova. p51
Fireman (aka Randall Portman)
Fireman who can absorb energy at a range. Erupted March 23, 1998 (a few hours after the Galatea explosion) in New York, putting out a schoolbus fire. p2-5, p9, p19
?? Fong
Nova sympathizer with Slider. p79
?? Holm
Nova sympathizer with Slider. p79
Teragen nova, killed Tampa mayor (06/08/07). p86, p95
?? Greer
Nova sympathizer with Slider. p79
Nova who plays Olympic tennis. p53
Jesse Hooks (codename Turncoat)
Nova Directive agent assigned to infiltrate Teragen who turned against them. p89
Houston Tornado (aka Graham Herron)
Nova killed by Michaelite assassins. p58
Chrystian Kalpa
Founder of the Church of the Immanent Escheaton.
Janos Karagian
Nova astronaut who walked on the moon unaided Jan 1 2007. p13
Asif ibn Karim
Rogue nova who causes Middle Eastern "Midnight Sun" in late '04. p64
Nova elite working for the Directive. p91
Kikjak (aka Jonas Kincaid)
Detroit's sanctioned "public defender". pp24-27, p60
Lady Ion (aka Nha Nguyen)
Corporate-contract nova. p61
Lotus Infinite (aka Linda Raphael)
Nova elite working for DeVries in NY. p43
Nova T2M member with super-strength. p38
Bodhisattva Masato
Nova leader of the Church of the Immanent Escealon. p12, p57
Marjorie McCannagh
A 60IQ nova with the ability to sever organic molecules and turn living things into pools of organic sludge. p21
A violent "black-power" nova. p51, p60
?? Mencken
Nova who disappeared two weeks after "Midnight Sun". p78
?? Meztiszo
Nova sympathizer with Slider. p79
Mungu Kuwasha
A nova with cyberkinetic powers, hired by Microsoft on April 7, 1999 (the first nova hired by a private company). p10, p19
Raoul Orzaiz
Teragen spokesman. p62, p86, p93
Deepak Palit
Noted nova Indian movie producer. p62
Caestus Pax
T2M leader. p36, p50, p89
Nova elite working for DeVries. p49-50, p76
Sarge In-Charge
American nova elite. p62
Shard (aka Shannen Borland)
The Shooter (aka Captain Donald R. Baldwin)
Nova elite who died November '07. p83
Skew (aka Andrew Thomas Parker)
T2M member with magnetic powers. p30
Slider (aka Jennifer Landers)
T2M member killed in May '08. p13, p76-80
Teragen telepath. p89
Sophia Rousseau
Nova supporter of Corbin. p13, p82
Toshiro Shigematsu
14-year old Japanese nova who poisoned followers. p57
Unknown nova. p57
Stone Badass (aka Lance Striker)
Popular nova mercenary. p48, p61.
Superbeast (aka Rob Steel)
Nova XWF wrestler with animal-like appearance. p54-55
Switch (aka Sean Connell)
Nova with a private identity. p61
Yukiko Takemitsu
Nova T2M telepath. p95-96
Ana Graca Texeira
T2M member with water-powers (?). p36
Nova elite working for the Directive. p91
Mask-wearing nova elite. p47
Giancarlo Vocaccio
Unknown nova with global political powers. p72
Micah Weedman
A nova who can fly (with energy "wings"), erupting during a skydiving accident. p18
Carson Whitland
Nova with hypersenses and protection against dangerous chemicals. Hired by Holistic Research, Inc 8/17/05. p43
?? Wei
Nova killed in submarine incident. p78
Amanda Wu
Nova head of Novelty consulting firm (based in Hong Kong), which hires nova talent. p62, p75
Tetsuo Yamato
Inventor of the hypercombustion engine. p12
?? Yannik
Nova sympathizer with Slider. p79
Head of criminal cartel, former KGB?. p87, p94

There are six aberrants mentioned by name in the Trinity game. These are "Divis Mal", "Cestus Pax" (not a typo: "Caestus" becomes "Cestus"), "Maxx Mauler", "Overkill", "The Blood Queen", and "The Colony".

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