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Programming Process

     The process of programming is something which I have learned from experience first, and only much later introduced to the theories of it. Paralleling this, below I include my experience and opinions first -- followed by links to process explanations.


Development Process Models

Extreme Programming FAQ
This is a nicely-written, concise introduction to the concept of Extreme Programming. While saddled with a silly name, I am coming to agree more and more with the basic tenets.
This is a lightweight process that is philosophically rather close to XP. Scrum focuses more effort on removing impediments. It includes with daily stand-up meetings where programmers list any outside issues that are impeding progress, and a Scrum Master who is tasked with removing those impediments.
Rational Unified Process
This is a commercial package which attempts to unify development software with a process method.
Capability Maturity Model for Software
This is considered a conservative model, which focusses on making "mature" production systems which have stability and reliability.
Wikipedia: Object-Oriented Programming
This is a free, user-developed encyclopedia which has good coverage of many computer-science topics.
The New Methodology by Martin Fowler
An essay concerning various new methodologies.

Software Testing Index Sites

Software Testing Articles

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