My PERL Scripts

     This is a sampling of the various command-line Perl scripts which I use from day to day. They are tested in the sense that I use them, and they all have usage messages accessed by the -h option. However, they are not meant to be products per se.

This is a simple calculation script which allows all normal Perl commands and adds in trigonometric functions (from POSIX) and constants such as pi.
This converts newlines in text files from Mac-style to UNIX/DOS style.
A simple disk usage script which reports on space taken up by directories in a fairly readable manner (using UNIX df and du).
This is a simpler alternative to the more elaborate wget utility. Its advantage is just having easier options for downloading images and links along with the URL.
This is a utility to clean up the funky HTML output of Microsoft Word.
This allows command-line testing of snippets of Java code, by wrapping the Java source in a temporary file, compiling, and running it.
This is a script to modify files in place, essentially an extended version of "perl -i" with some added options.
This converts HTML files to auto-forwarding pages.
This displays the current PATH, or the set of all named executables which are on the current PATH. Handy for checking whether you have multiple versions of a given executable hanging around in your system.
This is an oft-used script by me which quickly shows a range of lines from the middle of a file. It uses a combination of "head" and "tail" to shows the middle -- hence the name.
This is a script to get the results from a given URL while simulating a WAP phone browser. It is primarily for testing of WML and HDML websites.

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Last modified: Thu Nov 13 15:35:39 2003