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Hasty F.A.Q. v 0.000001

This hasty F.A.Q. is in response to frequently occurring questions I get. The questions and answers are in no particular order. Hopefully, this will answer some of your questions.

Your R.P.G. rules!
A : Thanks.

Your R.P.G. sucks!
A : OK.

Hey! Your R.P.G. is an exact rip-off of [insert R.P.G. here]!
A : Nope. I invented WEM3 all on my own and without anyone's help. Only after publishing WEM3 on the Internet did I start taking a look at what other people had. Some R.P.G.s are closer to mine then others.

Why don't you update your R.P.G. more regularly?
A : Simple - I don't have time and, quite truthfully, there isn't a tremendous amount of material more to put onto the Internet.

What else is there of WEM3 that has yet to be published?
A : In all honesty, not much. I have a storyline for a WEM3 Universe called "D.I.V.A.," a mostly-finished expansion for WEM3 concerning medival stuff, some expanded rules, and a few quick notes about another expansion for futuristic campaigns (mostly about cyborgs). Beyond that, there really isn't anything else written down. Honest.

So why not publish the rest of it?
A : Simple - Time. I have to convert it into HTML format. I have to clear up the language so someone else (other then myself) can understand it. Finally, there are so many other projects I have that WEM3 most usually gets the short end of the stick.

Can I contribute rules/campaigns/storylines to WEM3?
A : Sure. E-mail them to me and I will read it eventually.

Why the name WEM3?
A : Seriously, this is a question with no "Wow! That is deep!" sort of answer. The R.P.G. had to be called something.

What about non-WEM3 areas of your website? I've noticed you still have 3 "slots" left to fill.
A : Those will be filled someday, eventually, when I have the time and the motivation to do so. Really, there is no deep content right now for any of those slots. One consideration has been for my writing. I've written four novellas, or short stories, or whatever the technical term is for stories that are roughly 80 or so pages long. One or two of those might make it onto the Internet. Another consideration has been for my Visual Basic programs but they are very rudimentary and not that exciting to the average web viewer.

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