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WEM3 is a pen-and-paper role-playing (RPG) game system of rules that I invented in 1997. It was invented out of a desire to simplify gameplay while maintaining a sense of realism in the gaming environment. I have been slightly modifying the core rules ever since on a very sporadic basis (this game, by far, is a somewhat low priority of mine).

I invented this RPG system independant of whatever else there was previously available and with no prior knowledge that my RPG system might have similar elements to other RPG systems available, freeware, retail, or otherwise. I have since found other RPGs (both retail and freeware) that share some similarities to my system. I do not feel that they infringe upon my RPG, and I hope the same is likewise with them.

I have no routine plans for updating this RPG with new features, new adventures, or rule modifications and/or additions. I will update when I have the time to do. I am very busy and even this redesign of the RPG presentation has taken time out of other projects I would like to have done.

My only goals with this redesign of the RPG presentation is to make the webpages more presentable, make it more accessible to website lists of free RPGs, and add onto the RPG expansions and revisions that I have been working on since it was originally placed upon the Internet.

Thank you for viewing my website. My email address is steveb@neca.com. I hope that you have found my RPG useful and entertaining.

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