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		        Fantasy Setting Supplement
  O{]|///////|[ * >-----------------------------------------------~~--__
			       October 1994

			        Written by:
			      Scott J. Compton

About this SORD Sample Setting Supplement:
	This setting was built for my own personal universe, and I urge
you, the gamer, to alter this fantasy setting to your own liking.  As
with every setting made to the base SORD system, the GM will develop
'house-rules' to cover the many aspects a particular universe contains.
Often, these 'house-rules' can be taken from other gaming supplements
and adapted to SORD, or the GM can simply create them using his/her
experience with Role-Playing Games and raw imaginative power.  It is
up to you to decide what is the best way to go.
	By all means, this Fantasy Supplement is not complete in every
GM's viewpoint, and that is the beauty.  I believe that the 'rules'
of a gaming system *should* grant the GM the capability to alter,
destroy, or add new rules according to personal outlook.  I made
SORD and all of my supplements on the premise that no rule can
be applied to every situation; thus, there will always be a cir-
cumstance that a rule will not work.  As a result, this entire
supplement can be viewed as a grand 'house-rule', and should be
taken with a critical outlook and an open mind.  As a final note,
this supplement system was altered for broad distribution.
	To provide players with a basis for your setting, I recommend
that you generate a timeline of major events that have occurred in
your setting's past as well as an historical account of some of the
events.   Furthermore, maps will players a broader feel about where 
events have taken place and how characters relate to the present
world.  Thus, the players should have some understanding of the
GM's universal vision before an adventure actually starts.

Table of Contents:
I. Cultures
II. Professions
III. Standard Skills
IV. Currency, Arms, & Armor
V. SORD Spell System

Cultures & Professions
          A. Dwarvish
          B. Elvish
	  C. Halfling
	  D. Human, Common
          E. Human, Eastern
          F. Human, Northern
          G. Human, Southern
          H. Human, Western
          A. Archer, Rebel Gordun
          B. Archer, Tiran
          C. Barbarian, Shire-Realm
          D. Bard, Shire-Realm
          E. Crusader, Minvala
          F. Druidist, Shire-Realm
          G. Druidist, Tiran
          H. Gambit, Gordun
          I. Gambit, Shire-Realm
          J. Healer, Minvala
          K. Knight, Rebel Gordun
          L. Knight, Shire-Realm
          M. Knight, Tiran
          N. Mercenary, Rebel Gordun
          O. Mercenary, Shire-Realm
          P. Mercenary, Tiran
          Q. Quester, Travelling
          R. Ranger, Shire-Realm
          S. Sorcerist, Rebel Necromantist Gordun
          S. Sorcerist, Shire-Realm
          T. Worshipper, Minvala

 Chart C1: Culture-Types Existing in the Shire-Realms (Peaceful lands)
                Culture         %       Approx. #
          ------------------- -----     ---------
          Dwarvish            < 1%         400
          Elvish              < 1%         250
          Halfling  	      < 1%       1,000
	  Human, Common	       34%	68,000
          Human, Eastern       14%      28,000
          Human, Northern      18%      36,000
          Human, Southern      12%      24,000
          Human, Western       21%      42,000

     Chart C2: Cultural STEP RATES by Number
                Culture            SR#
          --------------------     ---
          Elvish                   100
          Dwarvish                  90
          Halfling	            80
          Human, Common	            70
          Human, Western            60
          Human, Eastern            50
          Human, Northern           40
          Human, Southern           30

The Eight Cultures:  The Cultures in the 7th Age have a common connection 
due to the 'Cracking of the Known Lands' back in the 5th Age.  Each 
Culture's background is unique to its environment and relations with
other races, which will be discussed with the GM as the character is 
created.   As a general note, Dwarves and Elves are extremely rare, 
while Halflings are moderately rare in this setting.

Step Rate: Added to the Professional Step Rate & Human Age

m(ATTR):  Maximum Attribute score possible; A "**" under maximum
          Attributes represent an unlimited score.

Personality: Represents the initial modifiers to each Personality 
	     Trait scale.

Bonuses:  Points added to the 'base' attribute scores initially.
	  Step Advancements add to the 'maximum' attribute scores.

Professions Allowed: Depending on where a culture exists in the Known
Lands, each Culture has a possibility to take up a certain profession.
Since many professions vary according to location, they will be noted
as the following:
                         MV: Minvala
                         NT: New Tiran
                         GG: Ghashgordun
                         SR: Shire-Realm 

*Supplement note: The choice of four granted skills, maximum Attribute
numbers, height, weight, and all of the other Cultural qualities were
based on my own insights, viewpoint, and vision of what I thought
the Culture should be.  Cultures are not needed to be written out
in high detail since they differ from one GM's perspective to the
next.  The GM should let players know any specific details of a 

Culture: Dwarvish (Khavalad)
m(ATTR):       A:99 H:** M:80 P:** Q:70 C:99 E:** F:60 I:99 L:99
& Bonuses:     A:+1 H:+3 M:-- P:+4 Q:-- C:+1 E:-- F:-- I:+1 L:+1

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:   Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 45" + 3d8"            Self:+5        Dark Vision
Weight: Ht"x3 +3d20 lbs.      Emotion:-1     Engineering
Ave Lifespan: 500 years       Outlook:-2     Melee Weapon: Axe
Regions: MV, NT, & SR         Disposition:-2 Armorer Skill
Professions Allowed: Barbarian (SR), Crusader (MV), Knight (NT),
Mercenary (NT), Quester (Travelling), & Worshipper (MV).

Culture: Elvish (Quenish)
m(ATTR):       A:99 H:80 M:** P:90 Q:** C:** E:** F:** I:99 L:99
& Bonuses:     A:+1 H:-- M:+2 P:-- Q:+4 C:+3 E:-- F:+3 I:+1 L:+1

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:   Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 62" + 3d6"            Self:-4        Quickrest
Weight: Ht"x2 - 3d10 lbs.     Emotion:-2     Shadowing
Ave Lifespan: 2,000 yrs.      Outlook:--     Silence
Regions: MV, NT, & SR         Disposition:-6 Dark Vision
Professions Allowed: Archer (NT), Druidist (NT), Druidist (SR),
Healer (MV), Knight (NT), Ranger (SR), Sorcerist (SR), &
Worshipper (MV).

Culture: Halfling (Nithenas)
m(ATTR):       A:** H:90 M:99 P:70 Q:** C:90 E:** F:99 I:80 L:**
& Bonuses:     A:+2 H:-- M:+1 P:-- Q:+3 C:-- E:-- F:+1 I:-- L:+2

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:   Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 25" + 3d6"            Self:--        Thrown Weapon
Weight: Ht"x2 + 2d8 lbs.      Emotion:-2     Silence
Ave Lifespan: 110 yrs.        Outlook:+4     Herbalism
Regions: MV, NT & SR          Disposition:-2 Avoidance
Professions Allowed: Archer (SR), Bard(SR), Crusader (MV), Druidist (SR),
Gambit (SR), Knight (SR), Mercenary (SR), Ranger (SR), & Worshiper (MV).

Culture: Human, Common
m(ATTR):       A:** H:99 M:99 P:99 Q:90 C:80 E:** F:99 I:50 L:99
& Bonuses:     A:+2 H:+1 M:+1 P:+1 Q:-- C:-- E:-- F:+1 I:-- L:+1

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:   Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 58" + 2d10"           Self:--        Agriculture
Weight: Ht"x2 + 2d20 lbs.     Emotion:-1     Navigation
Ave Lifespan: 100 yrs.        Outlook:-2     Riding, Land
Regions: Any                  Disposition:   Language
Professions Allowed: Any

Culture: Human, Eastern
m(ATTR):       A:** H:99 M:90 P:99 Q:70 C:80 E:** F:99 I:80 L:90
& Bonuses:     A:+2 H:+1 M:-- P:+1 Q:-- C:-- E:-- F:+1 I:-- L:--

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:   Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 60" + 2d10"           Self:-2        Appraising
Weight: Ht"x2 + 1d20 lbs.     Emotion:+4     Eastern History
Ave Lifespan: 150 yrs.        Outlook:--     Desertry
Regions: SR & GG              Disposition:-- Direction Sense
Professions Allowed: Archer: Rebel (GG), Gambit: Rebel (GG),
Gambit (SR), Knight: Rebel (GG), Mercenary: Rebel (GG), Mercenary
(SR), & Quester (Travelling).

Culture: Human, Northern
m(ATTR)        A:** H:99 M:70 P:99 Q:70 C:60 E:** F:99 I:80 L:60
& Bonuses:     A:+2 H:+1 M:-- P:+1 Q:-- C:-- E:-- F:+1 I:-- L:--

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:        Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 60" + 6d6"            Self:+2             Survival (Ice)
Weight: (Ht" x3) + 2d20 lbs.  Emotion:--          Cold Endurance
Ave Lifespan: 90 yrs.         Outlook:+2          Tracking
Regions: Northern Realm       Disposition:-1      Hunting
Professions Allowed: Barbarian (SR), Knight(SR), Mercenary(SR),
Ranger(SR), & Sorcerist(NR).

Culture: Human, Southern
m(ATTR):       A:** H:90 M:70 P:** Q:90 C:60 E:** F:40 I:90 L:50
& Bonuses:     A:+2 H:-- M:-- P:+2 Q:-- C:-- E:-- F:-- I:-- L:--

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:   Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 60" + 3d10"           Self:+2        Heat-Endurance
Weight: Ht"x3 +2d12 lbs.      Emotion:-2     Navigation
Ave Lifespan: 80 yrs.         Outlook:-2     Ventriloquism
Regions: SR & GG              Disposition:+1 Pick Pockets
Professions Allowed: Archer: Rebel (GG), Gambit (SR), Gambit:
Rebel (GG), Knight: Rebel (GG), Mercenary (SR), Mercenary: Rebel
(GG), Necromantist: Rebel Sorcerist (GG), & Quester (Travelling).

Culture: Human, Western
m(ATTR):       A:** H:99 M:80 P:99 Q:90 C:99 E:** F:80 I:70 L:80
& Bonuses:     A:+3 H:+1 M:-- P:+1 Q:-- C:+1 E:-- F:-- I:-- L:--

     Cultural Qualities       Personality:   Granted Skills
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Height: 58" + 3d10"           Self:--        Hunting
Weight: Ht"x2 +/- 2d20 lbs.   Emotion:--     Running
Ave Lifespan: 100 yrs.        Outlook:--     Endurance
Regions: SR, MV, NT           Disposition:-- Swimming
Professions Allowed: All but Ghashgordun-based Professions.

     All of the specifics of each profession will be defined by
the GM in person.  The professional format is straight-forward;
Of the 21 professions available, there are five 'Rebel-type'
classes that have had professional training within the evil 
lands of Ghashgordun and now the character seeks new training 
(or is self-trained) in a Shire Realm, Minvala, or New Tiran.

min Attributes:  These three max-attributes score must be met
                 before becoming the specific profession; The
                 player can achieve an *unlimited* attribute score
                 in these three attributes, as long as the cultural
		 maximums are infinite as well.  The other seven
                 attributes have a maximum of 99 points.

Skills/Abilities per Step Level: Professions are defined up
				 to the 3rd Step Level; Higher
				 SLs will be defined by the GM.

Profession: Archer of Tiran
STEP RATE #: 100
min Attributes: QCKN18, INST17, LUCK16
Trained Lore/SL: 5d8+5
Educated Lore/SL: 1d10
Limits: All Critical Weapons
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Fired Weapon:Bow Skill
1st: Bow-making/Arrow-making abilities
2nd: Fastfire Skill & Disarm Weapon:Bow Skill
3rd: Targeting ability: +2 to THAWAC

Profession: Archer, Rebel Ghashgordun
min Attributes: QCKN16, INST15, LUCK14
Trained Lore/SL: 5d8
Educated Lore/SL: 1d6+4
Limits: All Critical Weapons & Metal Armors
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Fired Weapon:Bow Skill
1st: Bow-making ability
2nd: Arrow-making ability; Disarm Weapon: Bow Skill
3rd: Fastfire Skill

Profession: Barbarian, Shire-Realm
STEP RATE #: 124
min Attributes: AMBT18, HLTH16, PROW20
Trained Lore/SL: 6d10+5
Educated Lore/SL: 3
Limits: Only Furs/Leather armors; no magic
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Two Melee Weapon Skills
1st: Special Damage Ability: if a 3 or lower on a d20 THAWAC is
     rolled, extra damage equal to the Barbarian's b(AMBT) will
     take place.
2nd: One Melee and one Critical Weapon Skill
3rd: Beserking Ability: If character makes a b(AMBT) roll, the
     character can beserk for one Third-turn every Full-turn,
     causing double-damage during the beserking attack.

Profession: Bard, Shire-Realm
min Attributes: MIND:12, PROW:12, QCKN:12
Trained Lore/SL: 3d8+12
Educated Lore/SL: 3d8+12
Limits: None
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Bards receive one Spellskill from any desired Spell-Realm every
odd Step Level)
0th: Musical Instrument, Singing, & Story-telling Skills
1st: One Spellskill:FOCS#1
2nd: Weather Sense & Directional Sense Skills
3rd: Spellskill:FOCS#2

Profession: Crusader of Minvala
STEP RATE #: 132
min Attributes: AMBT18, CHRM16, FOCS16
Trained Lore/SL: 3d12+6
Educated Lore/SL: 3d10+2
Limits: No edged weapons; no poisons
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Crusaders receive one spell from the Divine Realm every even
Step Level)
0th: Armor Use & Melee Weapon Skill; Spellskill:FOCS#1
1st: Healing & Religion Skill
2nd: Protection From the Unliving Ability: Crusader gains +3
     Parry/Avoid#s against all Unliving; Spellskill:FOCS#2
3rd: Special Attack Ability: If the character prays to Minvala
     just prior or during a battle, the character will receive +2
     extra on all THAWACs and +5 extra damage on all foes.

Profession: Druidist, Shire-Realm
STEP RATE #: 128
min Attributes: MIND14, FOCS16, INST14
Trained Lore/SL: 2d8
Educated Lore/SL: 2d12+2
Limits: No metal armors; no open fires
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Druids receive two Spellskills from the Living Realm every SL.)
0th: Animal Handling & Training Skills; Spellskills:FOCS#1
1st: Woodworking & Leatherworking skills; Spellskills:FOCS#1
2nd: Riding Skills: All types; Spellskills:FOCS#2
3rd: Resistance to Lightning Ability: Half-damage on all lightning
     attacks on the Druid and one-fourth damage if a m(LUCK) roll
     is made; Spellskills:FOCS#3

Profession: Druid of Tiran
STEP RATE #: 108
min Attributes: MIND18, FOCS16, INST16
Trained Lore/SL: 3d6+2
Educated Lore/SL: 3d12+2
Limits: No armor, poisons; only wooden weapons
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Druids receive three Spellskills from the Living Realm every
Spell Level.)
0th: Animal Handling & Training Skills; Spellskills:FOCS#1
1st: Herbalism & Healing Skills; Spellskills:FOCS#1
2nd: Woodworking & All Riding Skills; Spellskills:FOCS#2
3rd: Minor Self-alteration ability at will.

Profession: Gambit, Rebel Ghashgordun
min Attributes: QCKN18, LUCK16, INST16
Trained Lore/SL: 4d6+4
Educated Lore/SL: 2d6
Limits: No armor
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Gambits gain one Spellskill from the Grey Realm every three
Spell Levels.)
0th: Thrown Weapon, Shadowing, & Forgery Skills
1st: Pick Pockets & Silence Skills
2nd: Backstabbing ability: x2 damage on all backstabs
3rd: Gambit-Guildchat; Spellskill:FOCS#1

Profession: Gambit, Shire-Realm
min Attributes: QCKN16, LUCK18, INST16
Trained Lore/SL: 5d6+2
Educated Lore/SL: 1d8+8
Limits: Only Studded leather or worse.
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Gambits gain one Spellskill from the Grey Realm every three
Spell Levels.)
0th: Thrown Weapon, Melee Weapon, & Silence Skills
1st: Shadowing and Find/Remove Traps Skills
2nd: Backstabbing Ability: x2 damage on all backstabs
3rd: Tumbling & Fastdraw Skills; Spellskill:FOCS#1

Profession: Healer of Minvala
STEP RATE #: 144
min Attributes: AMBT20, HLTH16, MIND18
Trained Lore/SL: 1d12
Educated Lore/SL: 5d12+6
Limits: No armor, only blunt weapons
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Healers gain two Spellskills from the Divine Lands every SL.)
0th: Heal Touch Ability: Can heal a full attribute 1/day;
1st: Disease Immunity; Spellskills:FOCS#1
2nd: Blindness/Deafness Immunity; Spellskills:FOCS#2
3rd: Unliving Banishment- minor Undead; Spellskills:FOCS#3

Profession: Knight, Shire-Realm
STEP RATE #: 200
min Attributes: AMBT18, PROW18, CHRM18
Trained Lore/SL: 4d20+10
Educated Lore/SL: 2d10+5
Limits: Only Sword
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Armor Use Skill; Two Melee Weapon Skill
1st: Chivalry Ability: +1 AR, +1 THAWAC, and +10 extra Damage for
     one specific melee weapon skill.
2nd: +2 Head, Body, and Limb ARMOR numbers permanently
3rd: One Melee & one Critical Weapon Skill

Profession: Knight of Tiran
STEP RATE #: 224
min Attributes: AMBT20, PROW18, CHRM20
Trained Lore/SL: 5d20+10
Educated Lore/SL: 1d12+8
Limits: Only Sword
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Armor & Shield Use Skills; Two Melee Weapon Skills
1st: Chivalry Ability: +2 AR & +2 THAWAC for one Melee Weapon
2nd: One Melee, one Disarm, & one Critical Weapon Skill
3rd: +3 Head, Body, and Limb ARMOR numbers permanently

Profession: Knight, Rebel Ghashgordun
STEP RATE #: 176
min Attributes: AMBT15, PROW20, CHRM15
Trained Lore/SL: 4d10+15
Educated Lore/SL: 1d8+2
Limits: Only Sword or Spear
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Armor Use Skill; Critical Weapon Skill
1st: One Melee & one Critical Weapon Skill
2nd: Natural Blind-fighting Ability without penalties
3rd: Withstand Blow Ability: When ever a new weapon strikes the
     Knight, the damage is halved on a successful b(AMBT) roll.

Profession: Mercenary, Shire-Realm
min Attributes: QCKN16, PROW15, INST16
Trained Lore/SL: 4d8+4
Educated Lore/SL: 2d6+4
Limits: None
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: One Thrown & one Melee Weapon Skill;
1st: Shadowing & Avoidance Skills
2nd: Fastdraw & Silence Skills
3rd: Melee Weapon Skill & Precision Attack Ability: Mercenary
     will hit a vital area to cause double damage with a b(INST)

Profession: Mercenary of Tiran
STEP RATE #: 104
min Attributes: QCKN18, PROW18, INST18
Trained Lore/SL: 4d8+10
Educated Lore/SL: 2d10+5
Limits: None
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Two Weapon Skills (any Weapon Type); Shadowing & Silence
1st: Fastdraw & Avoidance Skills
2nd: Two Weapon Skills (any Weapon Type); +1 Parry/Avoid Ability
3rd: Precision Attack Ability: Hit vital area for double damage
     with a b(INST) check.

Profession: Mercenary, Rebel Ghashgordun
STEP RATE #: 116
min Attributes: QCKN16, PROW18, INST20
Trained Lore/SL: 5d10+5
Educated Lore/SL: 1d8+4
Limits: None
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Three Weapon Skills (any Weapon Type); Avoidance Skill
1st: Shadowing & Silence Skills; Backstab Ability: x2 with
     successful b(INST) check
2nd: Fastdraw Skill & two Thrown Weapon Skills
3rd: Precision Attack Ability: Hit vital area for double damage
     with a b(INST) check.

Profession: Quester, Travelling
min Attributes: AMBT16, HLTH14, LUCK14
Trained Lore/SL: 2d8+4
Educated Lore/SL: 4d6+6
Limits: None
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
0th: Tracking, Survival, Travelling, & Endurance Skills
1st: Melee Weapon: Walking Staff; Special Staff Ability: Staff
     gains +1 AR, -1 WSlo, and +5 special damage.
2nd: Special Weight Ability: Quester's maxWeight score increases
     permanently by 10 pounds for every Step Level gained.
3rd: Special Quest Ability: Quester gains special insights when
     on a journey to seek something of interest.

Profession: Ranger, Shire-Realm
STEP RATE #: 192
min Attributes: MIND16, CHRM18, INST18
Trained Lore/SL: 3d20+8
Educated Lore/SL: 3d12+6
Limits: No poisons
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Rangers gain one Spellskill from the Living Realm every three
Spell Levels.)
0th: Tracking, Hunting, Forestry, & Animal Lore Skills
1st: Silence & Shadowing Skills
2nd: Ambidexterity Skill
3rd: Spellskill:FOCS#1; Special Weapon Ability: The Ranger will
     choose a specific weapon to be passed down in heritage.  The
     weapon will gain +2 to THAWAC, +1 AR, and +5 extra damage.

Profession: Sorcerist, Shire-Realm
STEP RATE #: 260
min Attributes: MIND20, CHRM18, FOCS18
Trained Lore/SL: 10
Educated Lore/SL: 6d20+10
Limits: No Armor or Shields; Only magical weapons of reputation
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Sorcerists gain five Spellskills from the Grey Realm every SL.)
0th: Five Spellskills:FOCS#1; Reading/writing & Languages Skills
1st: Five Spellskills:FOCS#1; Special Magic Detection: within 50'
     of the Sorcerist, all types of magics and intensities will
     be known.
2nd: Five Spellskills:FOCS#2; Magic Reading & Sorcerist mark abilities
3rd: Five Spellskills:FOCS#3; Detect Disposition Ability at will up
     to 50' from the Sorcerist

Profession: Sorcerist, Rebel Necromantist
STEP RATE #: 212
min Attributes: MIND18, CHRM15, FOCS15
Trained Lore/SL: 1d6+4
Educated Lore/SL: 5d20+10
Limits: No Armor or Shields
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Sorcerists gain four Spellskills from the Grey Realm every SL.)
0th: Four Spellskills:FOCS#1; Reading/writing & Languages Skills
1st: Four Spellskills:FOCS#1; Magical Energy Grasp ability: drains
     one c(ATTR) point per second touched. 
2nd: Four Spellskills:FOCS#2; Special Magic Detection: within 50'
     of the Sorcerist, all types of magics and intensities will
     be known.
3rd: Four Spellskills:FOCS#3; Minor Illusion creation ability.

Profession: Worshiper of Minvala
STEP RATE #: 184
min Attributes: AMBT16, MIND15, FOCS16
Trained Lore/SL: 2d6+6
Educated Lore/SL: 4d20+6
Limits: No Weapons, Armor, or Shields
Granted (free) Skills/Abilites per Step Level:
(Worshipers gain six Spellskills from the Divine Lands each SL.)
0th: Religion & Unliving Sense Skills; Six Spellskills:FOCS#1
1st: Special Granted Robes: Robes are blessed for the Worshiper
     only.  Worshiper gains +1 Parry/Avoid# and +2 to all
     ARMOR#s; Six Spellskills:FOCS#1
2nd: Six Spellskills:FOCS#2; Unliving resistance ability.
3rd: Spiritual Mace Ability: Worshiper is granted a ghostly mace
     that attacks as a Melee Weapon-- Stats: WSlo+2, AR:3, Total
     Damage:10+1d12.  The Spiritual Mace will cause double damage
     on all evil or corrupt foes and will cause Triple damage to
     all Unliving creatures; Six Spellskills:FOCS#3

     The following list of skills are, by far, not complete.
Furthermore, skills are not defined due to the house-rules of the
GM.  Skills can be self-taught or might require professional assistance 
depending on the specific skill.  There are three categories of Skills: 
Educated (mental), Trained (physical), and General (experienced) Skills.  
The character gains both Educated and Trained Lore (as rolled points) at 
each Step Level.  The rate of Skill Lore is dependent on the Profession 
chosen.  By general rule, Professions with a higher STEP RATE number gain 
more Skill Lore points per Step Level.  Spells are viewed as Skills, and
each Spell must be 'bought' with Educated Lore Spell Points.  Most weapon 
and armor skills are bought with Trained Lore points.
     To purchase a desired skill, the player must invest at least
one-half of the skill's Lore Maximum.  A skill is not fully
effective until the full amount of Lore points have been invested
into a specific skill.  Skills that are purchased between one-
half and the full Lore number are penalized 10 points on the die
roll if checked against, and if a skill does not normally require
any die check, a b(MIND), b(PROW), or b(EXPR) check is required
(according to an Educated, Trained, or General Skill) whenever
the skill is used.  All penalties will be go away when the full
(maximum) Lore number is purchased for the skill.
     As an optional rule, characters start out with a certain number of 
Lore points.  The starting number is based on the base Attribute Sum.  
The Attribute Sum equals the total starting Lore; this Lore can be used 

General-type Skills      Maximum Lore
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Agriculture                   10
Animal Handling               16
Animal Training               16
Artistic 	              10
Blacksmith                    14
Brewing                       8
Carpentry                     12
Cobbling                      14
Cooking                       6
Dancing                       4
Digging                       2
Directional Sense             16
Etiquette                     14
Fishing                       6
Identify                      18
Jumping                       16
Language                      20
Leatherworking                16
Mapmaking                     14
Metalworking                  20
Mining                        10
Musical Instrument            20
Pottery                       8
Reading/writing               10
Riding, Air                   30
Riding, Land                  24
Riding, Sea                   28
Rope Ability                  16
Running                       20
Scribing                      16
Seaman                        6
Singing                       4
Stone-masonry                 10
Story-telling                 12
Swimming                      12
Throwing                      10
Trading                       8
Travelling                    18
Unliving Sense                20
Weather Sense                 14
Weaving                       8
Whistling                     4
Woodworking                   16

Educated-type Skills     Maximum Lore
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ancient History               20
Animal Lore                   10
Appraising                    20
Armorer                       50
Astrology                     30
Charm                         20
Desertry                      16
Engineering                   30
First Aid		      40
Focusing                      100
Forestry                      16
Forgery                       10
Gaming                        10
Herbalism                     20
History (Special)             30
Hunting                       14
Icelands Lore                 16
Language, Ancient             50
Lip Reading		      20
Memorization                  80
Mind Trick                    30
Navigation                    20
Oratory                       24
Quickfocus                    120
Religion                      20
Resist Fear                   30
Spell-Lore                    40
Spellskill/FOCS#              10
Survival (Specific)           28
Tracking                      14
Translating                   10
Ventriloquism                 10
Weaponsmith                   50

Trained-type Skills      Maximum Lore
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      ~~~~~~~~~~~~
Ambidexterity                 120
Armor Use                     40
Avoidance                     60
Balancing                     16
Blind-fighting                20
Brawling                      8
Cold Endurance                20
Critical Weapon Use           60
Disarming Weapon Use          20
Disguise                      16
Endurance                     20
Fastdraw                      50
Fastfire                      140
Find/Remove Traps             50
Fired Weapon Use              50
Gem Making                    20
Heat Endurance                20
Juggling                      10
Listening                     20
Melee Weapon Use              40
Mountaineering                16
Picking Pockets               20
Pick/Remove Locks             50
Pole Vaulting                 24
Quickrest                     100
Setting Snares                22
Shadowing                     60
Shield Use                    30
Silence                       50
Sleeping                      36
Special Weapon Use            **
Thrown Weapon                 30
Tightrope Walking             28
Tumbling                      32

Armor, Shield, and Weapon use requires the character to purchase
the skill for each SPECIFIC type of weapon and armor.  For
instance, if a player has a dagger and a sword and wants to gain
a melee skill in each, two melee skills must be bought: one for
the sword and one for the dagger.  Furthermore, if a specific
weapon has more than one skill-capability, they must be purchased

Skills can be learned if they are trained or educated by the
Professional college, institution, or sage.  Since learned skills
vary from place to place, the broader the education of the
character, the higher probability that a rare skill can be gained
for the particular Profession.  The GM will let the PLs' char-
acters know what skills are available when and where.  The maximum
Skill Lore of a Skill is always an even number.

IV. Currency, Arms, & Armor
     Currency is simplified.  Various kingdom-states produce their own 
currencies with their own Coats of Arms or emblems, but standard precious 
metals are accpeted widely, regardless of the specific emblem:

                         Copper Crowns   1/10 GP
                         Silver Circles  1/2 GP
                         Gold Plates     Normal Currency
                         Platinum Rings  10x GPs

Silver Circles are commonly traded for goods in rural areas,
while Gold Plates are more commonly used in places such as
Minvala and New Tiran.  Although Platinum Rings are rare, they
can be found from time to time and are made from Hardurus of the
late 5th age mixed with gold (purity at about 20%).

Weapons of the Known Lands:

Items can be forged in many different places at different times:

BL Baraland, GG Ghashgordun, MS Mithrinshire, MV Minvala,
NA New Ardor, NR Northern Realm, NT New Tiran, OE Old Easternlands, 
OH Old Hardurus, OM Old Mordus, OS Oldshire, RS =3D Rivenshire, 
TL Toqueland, WS West Shire, & UK Unknown

WTs are the possible Weapon Types that the character can learn
skills for.  Each WT must be learned as a separate skill.

COST(GPs): This is the base (minimal) cost of the weapon in Gold

Name of Weapon & Place     APs     Wght Lnth DAM# COST
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~  ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~
Arrow (GG)		 F	   2	2'   +1   12/1
Arrow (NT)		 F	   1    3'   +2   8/1
Arrow (WS)		 F	   1	2'   --	  10/1
Battle Axe (GG)          M C       12   6'   +7   25
Battle Axe (MS)          M D       10   6'   +7   8
Battle Axe (NR)          T M C     15   7'   +9   20
Battle Axe (UK)          M         9    6'   +4   5
Bow (GG)                 F         4    6'   --   40
Bow (NT)                 F         3    7'   +3   120
Bow (OG)                 F         5    7'   +3   125
Bow (OM)                 F         5    8'   --   70
Bow (OS)                 F         3    3'   +1   50
Bow (RS)                 F         3    6'   +4   140
Bow (WS)                 F         4    5'   +1   100
Club, Blunt (MV)         T M       6    4'   --   --
Club, Spiked (NT)        T M D C   8    4'   +2   6
Dagger (BL)              T M       1    1'   --   2
Dagger (GG)              T M       3    1'   -1   4
Dagger (NA)              T         2    2'   --   3
Dagger (NR)              M         3    2'   -2   5
Dagger (NT)              T         2    1'   --   4
Dagger (OE)              M         2'   2'   +1   10
Dagger (UK)              M D       1    1'   --   5
Dirk (OS)                T M       1    10"  -2   1
Dirk (TL)                T         1    9"   --   5
Flail, Blunt (MV)        M D       6    3'   +1   10
Flail, Spiked (GG)       T M D     7    3'   +2   12
Flail, Spiked (OM)       M D C     8    5'   +3   30
Hammer, War (NR)         M C       8    5'   +6   60
Hammer, War (WS)         T M       4    4'   +4   40
Hand Axe (NR)            T M       3    2'   -1   5
Hand Axe (RS)            T         2    2'   --   6
Lance (NA)               M         12   7'   2d6  30
Lance (NT)               M C       20   8'   2d8  50
Lance (OG)               C         22   10'  +6   100
Lance, War (NT)          M C       25   12'  2d8  75
Lance, War (OG)          C         30   15'  +10  250
Morning Star (MV)        M         5    5'   +5   35
Glaive (GG)              M D C     12   7'   +3   12
Glaive (OM)              M C       15   8'   +4   30
Mace, Blunt (MV)         M         5    3'   +1   10
Mace, Spiked (GG)        M         9    5'   -2   8
Mace, Spiked (WS)        M C       8    4'   --   15
Pick (MS)                T M       4    6'   -3   4
Pick (OS)                M         3    3'   -1   3
Sickle (RS)              T M D     3    4'   --   12
Sickle (OE)              M C       4    5'   +2   45
Sling (BL)               F         1    4'   --   20
Sling (GG)               F         2    3'   -2   9
Sling (OS)               F         1    2'   +1   16
Slingstaff (RS)          F M D     3    6'   --   45
Slingstaff (WS)          F M       4    7'   -1   32
Spear (GG)               T M       6    6'   +1   7
Spear (NA)               M         5    6'   +1   10
Spear, War (GG)          M C       7    7'   +2   40
Spear, War (NR)          C         8    6'   +3   25
Spear, War (OM)          C         10   8'   +5   75
Staff (RS)               M D       2    5'   +1   5
Staff (UK)               M         3    6'   --   --
Sword (BL)               T M D     2    3'   +4   10
Sword (GG)               M D       9    5'   +5   15
Sword (MS)               M D       5    4'   +4   12
Sword (NA)               M D C     10   5'   +7   20
Sword (NR)               M C       25   7'   +10  75
Sword (NT)               M D C     15   6'   +12  80
Sword (OE)               T M D     4    3'   +6   36
Sword (OG)               M D C     12   6'   +9   55
Sword (OM)               M C       30   9'   +12  150
Sword (OS)               T M D     2    2'   +3   35
Sword (RS)               M D       7    4'   +3   25
Sword (TL)               T M C     3    2'   +4   40
Sword (WS)               M D       8    5'   +5   32
Sword (UK)               M C       11   4'   +4   28
Swordbow (NA)            F M C     5    4'   +1   90
Trident (MS)             D C       7    7'   +4   60
Whip (GG)                M D       1    5'   +1   30
Whip (OM)                M D C     2    8'   +3   65

  Type of Armor Worn     ARMOR#    Lbs. Area Cost(GPs)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~    ~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Clothing (Wool, etc.)      1       1-10 Vary Vary
Light Furs                 2        4   B L   10
Padded Armor/Med. Furs     3        8   B L   15
Full Furs/Leather          4        10  B L   18
Studded Leather            5        15  B L   25
Ring Mail                  6        25  All   40
Scale Mail                 7        30  All   60
Leather-Chain Mail         8        35  All   75
Scale-Chain Mail           9        40  All   85
Chain/Partial Plate Mail   10       50  All   100
Battle Chain Mail          11       55  All   150
Bronze Plate Mail          12       55  All   225
Splinted Plate Mail        13       60  All   500
Banded Plate Mail          14       60  All   600
Field Plate Mail           15       65  All  1,000
Full Plate Mail            16       70  All  2,500
Battle Plate Mail          18       80  All  4,000
Dragon Scale Mail          20       35  All  10,000
Dragon War Plate Mail      25       60  All  25,000
Hardurus Chain Mail        30       10  B L  250,000
Hardurus Plate Mail        40       25  All  750,000

* "Mail" usually indicates that the armor protects the Head,
  Body, and Limbs of the character.

Wooden, Small              1       2    One  5
Wooden, Normal             2       4    One  10
Wooden, Large              3       5    Two  15
Metal, Small               4       5    One  10
Metal, Normal              5       8    One  20
Metal, Large               6       10   Two  30
Metal, Tower               7       15   All  50
Metal, Battle              8       20   Two  75
Dragonscale, Normal        10      8    Two  5,000
Mithril, Normal            20      5    One  100,000

V. The SORD Spell System
Magic Sum-up:

1). One's m(FOCS) is checked against to see if the energies of
magic can be drawn forth and 'contained' to utilize.  If the 1d20
check fails, the spell's FOCS# will be subtracted from the
c(FOCS) number.

2). When the m(FOCS) roll is successfully checked, a 1d20 m(MIND)
roll is needed to 'control' the spell, or the energies will be
released randomly.  If the m(MIND) roll fails, a special chart
will determine what happends to the summoned energies.
     Once the energies have been created and controlled, it will
hover in an amorphous, transparent cloud (size depending on the
power of the Spell) up to the the maximum Control time or can be
released to serve its purpose, which ever is desired.  Spells
that have a quick (instantaneous) effect can be kept in an energy
cloud until the right moment.  For spells with long effects, it
is more advantageous to release the spell from the energy cloud.
If a Spellskill has not been released, the Magic Wielder must
concentrate on the spell and release it before anothe spell is
attempted.  Spell energies can travel up to 100 ft/sec.

Control Time = b(MIND) in seconds + Spell's Control Time

3). One or more Attribute rolls could be used for each specific
Spellskill cast (depending on the spell itself).

4). The Special Attack# will be used for most Offensive Spell-

5). Focusing time for spells is based on the formula:

Focusing Time (Sec.) =   -------------- + Spellskill FOCS#

6). The Magic Wielder needs his/her sight, hands, and voice to
cast spells.

7). To cast a spell, the Magic Wielder must have at least as much
c(FOCS) as does the Spellskill's FOCS#.

8). The Magic Wielder can gain as many Spellskills as s/he has
time to study and learn (for a permanent basis).  Usually it
takes a full week of hard studying to learn a a Spellskill of 10
Educated Lore points.

9). If a spell is attempted without the use of hands, the Magic
Wielder has a -10 penalty to the FOCS and MIND die rolls.

10). If a spell is attempted without verbal sounds, a -10 penalty
is given to the Magic Wielder; a muffled voice is a -5 penalty.

11). If a spell is attempted without sight, it can be focused,
but might not be controlled.  Both m(MIND) and m(INST) checks
must be made successfully.

12). If the Magic Wielder has a possession, item, or symbol of
Zanagast, s/he can cast spells without sight or hands.

13). If the Magic Wielder has a symbol of the Valar, s/he can
cast spells without voice or hands.

14). Spells from other systems will be converted as follows:

          A). Level of Spells: Spell Levelx2 =3D FOCS# Range
          B). Magical Duration: Spell's Control Time
          C). All dice will be raise to the next highest
              die.  If a die is already a d20, a 2d20 will take
              effect.  I.E., an offensive spell will cause 1d6+1
              instead of 1d4+1 damage.

15). Sample SORD Spell:

Curing Touch
Source: Undying Lands
FOCS#: 3
Control Time: 0 [+ b(MIND) of course]
MaxDist: 0 (Touch)
Definition: By the touch of this power, the recipient will be
cure 1/2 of his/her m(HLTH) and 2d6 points to any other damaged

16). Sample Converted Spell

Breathe Water                   
Source: Living Realm               
FOCS#: 5 (50 ELs)                  
Control Time: 1 hour/Step Level    
              +1d6 hours [+ b(MIND) of course]
MaxDist: 0 Touch                   
Definition: As the GM wishes, or direct conversion.            

This ends the SORD Fantasy Supplement Setting.  This was produced 
extremely fast so gamers could have something at their fingertips
to use SORD with.  Good luck with all of your gaming!

	For further details about the base gaming system or other SORD
Setting Supplements, contact Scott J. Compton at 4b Hoskins, Escondido
Village, Stanford, CA 94305.  Scott J. Compton can be reached via e-mail
by sending a letter to Galahad@Leland.Stanford.EDU.  SORD was created,
written, and edited by Scott J. Compton.  Copyright September 1994.  All
Rights Reserved. 
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     ===     ===       ===    ===       ===      ===       ===   ===
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  O{]|///////|[ * >--- MUTATIS SORD SETTING SUPPLEMENT -------------~~--__
		 	   Copyright October 1994
			    All Rights Reserved.

		Created & Written by Windigo the Feral (NYAR!)

			Edited by Scott J. Compton

Mutatis: A Mutant Roleplaying Supplement for SORD
Mutatis is my own little homebrew supplement to SORD for
gaming groups that may want to use mutants in a campaign (for
instance, in a post-nuclear world or a world where magick has
warped many of the inhabitants).  It mostly consists of some
base rules for mutations, some additional supplements to the
weaponry, and some hints for mutant roleplaying.

Most of this stuff (except for the added stuff for character
generation) is geared towards a campaign in a cyberpunkish
world; I find that most mutant campaigns *do* tend to be set
in a futuristic setting.  Therefore, much of the weaponry
section will be useful in cyberpunkish campaigns also.

Character Generation:
Generally, mutant character generation is much the same as
standard NPC generation in SORD; the two major changes are in
the way of Charm and the addition of a *mutation* roll for
mutant characters.

	Most mutants, quite frankly, aren't going to have 
a lot of Charm.  Mutants are generally reviled (and often
revolting-looking), so you will no doubt want to put a
handicap on Charm for mutant NPCs.  Generally, it's not a
really good idea to have a mutant have a Charm level of over
ten or so, and you may want to put a variable handicap on
their Charm based on their Mutation roll (see below).
Generally, handicap would only kick in for Charm levels of
over 10, and would be (Charm-(mutation level+4)).  (That way,
they'd at least have a charm of 1, but not a really high
Charm level.)  If they get a really high Charm level and a
really low Mutation level, that's OK, though.

Mutation rolls--
	This is the major addition and change to the rules 
for mutie players.  First, the player takes 1D6 and per- 
forms a *mutation level* roll; this is to determine what
level of mutation the person will have.  The mutation roll
determines how many rolls the person will have for mutations;
you get as many mutation rolls as your mutation level allows.
(For example, if you get a mutation level of 3, you get 3
mutation rolls for different mutations.)
	After the mutation level roll, the player takes 1D20+1D4 
and performs *mutation rolls*; these determine what type(s) of
mutations the NPC will have.  The amount of mutation rolls is
exactly equal to the NPC's mutation level.  The table below
generally use for mutations:

Table I:
3 Tumourous appearance (think John Merrick)
4 Additional limbs
5 Lack of limb
6 Enhanced sense of smell
7 Enhanced healing (healing rate*2)
8 Albinism
9 Claws
10 Fangs
11 Empathic abilities
13 Telepathy
14 Enhanced hearing
15 Bestial appearance (appearing like a furry, etc.)
16 Warpspasm (see special rules below)
17 Tapetum Lucidium (eyes shine in dark, a la cats)
18 Allow sight of non-light frequencies
19 Sense electromagnetism
20 Sense radiation (alpha rays, etc.)
21 Deformed Face (additional face, etc.)
22 Animal empathy
23 Hairiness
24 Deformed limb

Note that not all of the mutations are beneficial; some are
neutral or even a detriment.  Allow players to do three
separate rolls, taking the most favoured mutation roll set.
If they get the same mutation twice on a mutation roll set,
just have them roll again--you can't have the same mutation

	Due to the fact that warpspasm actually involves
the body radically changing, there is an additional set of
three mutation rolls that are "warp mutations", that is, they
*only* apply during Warpspasm.  There is also a *genetic
drift* roll, that is 1D4 and goes as follows:

1d4 Rolls:
1). Little, if any, genetic drift.  The signs of the warp
mutation do not generally show up, even after the mutant is
old and has warped a lot of times.

2). Slight genetic drift.  If the mutant warps at least 30
times, signs of the warp-mutations carrying over (generally
the least severe) occur.

3). Moderate genetic drift.  If player warps at least 15 times,
signs of the warp-mutations carrying over occur; after 60
warps, player may actually get stuck in the Warp Mutation
(losing the least severe mutation and with his general
mutation level going up 2; a Warp Mutation roll must be done
again in this instance.)

4). Severe genetic drift.  Signs of least severe mutation show
up after 5 warps; can get stuck at 30 warps in Warp Mutation.

Note that even if the player gets stuck and has to roll Warp
Mutation Rolls again, the Genetic Drift stays constant.

There is also a special rule involving NPCs with Warpspasm
and combat; in combat, the NPC with Warpspasm must roll a
*Warp Degree Roll* using 1D4, which is interpreted as

1-No warp.
2-Least severe warp mutation.
3-Two least severe warp mutations.
4-All warp mutations.

The results of the roll are ineffect for the duration of the
combat; afterwards the NPC will need (Rest*Warp Degree).

Storytelling hints:
Most mutant campaigns are usually set in a cyberpunkish or a
post-nuclear campaign, but if you like the idea of mutants
born by magick, then I say GO FOR IT!  However, it should
be noted that regardless of the setting, mutants are generally
hated for being, well, mutants.  Your roleplayers WILL want
to keep this in mind, and most mutants are not going to be in
high-class professions as a result.  Street punks, assassins,
bounty hunters, warriors, thieves, etc. are generally good
professions to think about for mutie characters; you aren't
going to see a lot of mutant businessmen or clerics.  Also,
the background setting should reflect this disposition.

Do keep in mind, tho', that these are simply some personal
suggestions; feel free to change what you feel needs changing
in a campaign.  You want more mutations?  Make your 1D6 a 1D8
or whatever.  Want mutie presidents?  Anything is possible!  
S.O.R.D. Professions and Cultures should be thought up in 
advance before a character is created.  Just go for it and
design to your own setting specifications...

One final note, and this is more towards people writing stuff
based on this supplement than anything else:  If you plan to
write campaigns or supplements using copywrited mutant
series, you are *strongly* advised to write the copyright
holders first.  I'm not going to be responsible if you decide
to use these rules for a X/superhero SORD supplement and you
are sued because you didn't bother to ask the makers.  (I also
don't want myself OR the creator of SORD to be sued out the 
ying-yang. :)

Weapons appendix:
Nice little weaponry additions:

Weapon	                   Cost        Damage
Robotic arm                750          +3
Taser                      70           +2
Arm-taser                  200          +4
(worn on arm--more kick
than a normal taser)
Multiple-cartridge gun:    400          varies w/cartridge
   Normal (100)            10           +7
   "Cop-Killer" (100)      100          +9
   Hi-Explosive (40)       250          +13
Sword (Samurai)            200          +5
Synaptic Flash Dev.        1000         +6
(flash-fries brains
 of enemies)
Nunchaku                   75           +2

	This roleplaying supplement may be distributed so long 
as it is not altered in any way.  Additions and changes may be
done by writing me ( for permission.  Any
comments or questions about Mutatis can be directed as the above
mentioned e-mail account.

	For further details about the base gaming system or other SORD
Setting Supplements, contact Scott J. Compton at 4b Hoskins, Escondido
Village, Stanford, CA 94305.  Scott J. Compton can be reached via e-mail
by sending a letter to Galahad@Leland.Stanford.EDU.  SORD was created,
written, and edited by Scott J. Compton.  Copyright September 1994.  All
Rights Reserved.