The idea for the base system of Maniakku Gakusei came from this tv show. Students of Santo Domingo High don't have combat techniques or focus. Special attributes aren't accessible either. However, remember this: be cool or be (publicly) dead! This means, you're allowed only to have three different attributes and one of them must be coolness.
Additionally each character has a unique trademark that distinguishs him from the rest. These will be shown italic in the following character descriptions.

The Characters

Parker Lewis    Larry Kubiak    Frank Lemmer    Vogue member
Coolness 15     (Der Kub)       Coolness 5      Coolness 7
Popularity 4    Strength 12     Authority 10    Authority 3
Procuring 1     Authority 5     Emerging 7      Emerging 5
Wealth 1                        Denunciate  5   Denunciate  8
his shirts      so huuge        black clothes   Glamour

Miky Randall    Konrad Flack    Norman Penkow   Darksider member
Coolness 10     Intelligence 3  Authority 23    Coolness 5
Popularity 10   Procuring 2                     Strength 3
Looks 3                                         Emerging 4
                                                Do-the-innocent 6
Leather         clueless        his laughter    Dark side of the force

Jerry Steiner   Don Jemano      Brad Donovan
Coolness 3      (Schul-Pate)    (Starquarter-
Procuring 13    Coolness 3      back)
Intelligence 10 Wealth 5        Coolness 3
Inventor 9      Authority 7     Strength 2
                Henchmen 5      Looks 4
his coat        The Don         Smile         

Shelly Lewis    Ms. Musso       Michelle DeVoe
Coolness 5      Emerging 10     Coolness 4
Emerging 9      Authority 25    Looks 10
Inconspi-                       Wealth 2
cuousness 4
Denunciate  7
Parker's Sis'   the thump       her looks
All values are derived through personal experience and taste.

Timmothy "Tim" O'Malley

  Looks 5
  Coolness 5
  Procuring 1
  Wealth 1
  snaps fingers and the fairer sex lies
  to his feet(literally)
Tim is a typical student who struggles now through the senior high of Santo Domingo. He likes his life and sees Parker Lewis as kind of an idol whom he tries to emulate.

Flex Wheeler

  Strength 6
  Coolness 4
  A locker full of dumb-bells
  (including a bench for benchpressing)
Flex believes in 'Black Power'. Accordingly he spends most of his spare time with training to become stronger. He can be seen often together with Tim, even though, the latter took his girl friend. But after a little controversy they settled things.


  Procuring 7
  Cuteness 3
  Intelligence 2
  Inventor 5
  fur cap
Peewee is the third in the team. He is still in junior High but accepted completely among the older students of the senior High (especially since Flex made things clear).Peewee wears always a fur cap he only puts off for bedtime or to fetch one of his numerous goodies he has stuffed in it.

Goldie Burg

  Henchmen 4
  - Emerging 2
  - Strength 1
  - Intelligence 1
  Popularity 7
  Wealth 7
Goldie gets all she wants. Goldie wants Tim. But Tim doesn't want to...
Ever since Goldie got a crush on Tim the threeome sticks in countless problems because she wants to get him by any means necessary.



This mean attribute can be combined perfectly with emerging. Victims of a denunciation are placed in a bad light by corrupting facts and holding back proofs. All persons involved must make a test on their coolness attribute against the denunciation roll or will believe the accusations. The only way to get rid of a denunciation is to prove the truth. Denunciate should be only available for NPC.