This is a typical american high school which seems to be a real weirdness magnet as it draws beings from deep space, other planes and even Japan to it...
As always all values are bound to subjective taste and experience.

Jeremy Feeple

  Combat techniques (Fencing) 3
  Reputation (bad luck) -1

Ricky Feeple

  Combat techniques (Ninjutsu) 3

Ms. Feeple

  Combat techniques (Ninjutsu) 6

Ichikun Ichinohei (Itchy Koo)

  Combat techniques (Ninjutsu) 4
  Wealth 2
  Procuring of (Katana) 2


  Inventor 5
  Strength 4
  Procuring of (High Tech Gun) 2

Prof. Steamhead

  Coolness 4
  Intelligence 7
  Inventor 8
  Authority 4


  Coolness 7
  Strength 6
  Intelligence 1
  Authority 2
  Combat techniques (several styles) 6
  Procuring of (big, bad guns) 2

Ms. Celande

  Inventor 4

Mimi Masters

  Focus 10

Grandpa Ichinohei

  Combat techniques (Ninjutsu) 7
  Wealth 5
  Authority 1

Rivalsan Lendo

  Wealth 6
  Combat techniques (Ninjutsu) 4