Additional Attributes


The character is often overlooked because he looks so xxxxx. With higher levels he has some tricks like hide in shadows, mimicry, or a set of guises.
This attribute can be combined very well with emerging.
Cuteness combines innocent ingenuousness with a younger appearance. Like an SD-form the actions of the character are always looked at with a warm smile because he is so kawaii (cute). If the character is played ingenuous this attribute can be used under special circumstances just like coolness do defend against the negative effects of other attributes ("What are they doing? I don't understand ...").
"That was not my fault!" - Understood? Matches perfectly with cuteness.
With wealth the character can get all money can buy. He always carries a set of credit cards around with him. Additional symbols are a cellular phone, a private copter, or a personal butler.
The perfect basis for a new adventure is the gizmo of a mad scientist. However, things like space ships and time machines should't be possible below a level of 8 in this attribute.
Alchemist is the same like an inventor but specialises in the creation of potions while the inventor constructs machines.
The character has one or more followers. They do almost anything for him even if this loyalty is not based on frinedship. This attribute matches good with wealth. The level indicates how much hench(wo)men the character has. Each henchman has one attribute with a level of 1. For every henchman less another one can raise his attribute by 1. The advantage is that the character can send his henchmen to do some job while he concentrates on another task.

Special Attributes

Gluton (-1)
The character lives to eat. He needn't to be corpulent but can swallow the provisions of a week in a single meal. Accordingly he is constantly hungry and can be distracted easily with the display of food. If he has nothing to eat for half a day he starts to whine a gets mad.
Megalomania (-1)
The character has a ultimate goal he would kill for (well, not really, but you get the picture). Because of the means and ways he uses this disadvantage is not very well suited for PCs.
Clueless (-1)
The typical attribute for the somewhat tardy characters. Clueless characters are gullible, have no clue aboput the whole situation, and take a joke for true (be careful woth puns).
Blind like Mousse (-1)
This disadvantage shoul'd be better called "blind like an owl in daylight" because the character is exactly that. Even glasses may help only partially. The character always mistakes persons with other persons (and sometimes even with objects).