Welcome to the In Media Res roleplaying system, version 2.5. These html files contain rules for a universal roleplaying system that has been in the makings for six years. This e-manual is completely cross-referenced with html links and a complete index. Please remember that these files are shareware, but they are NOT public domain. These files may be freely distributed provided that they are not added to, taken from or alterred in any way.

About In Media Res
This book is dedicated to my wife and daughter, without whom, this entire effort would have been wasted.

Special thanks to all those who believed in me and told me I could succeed, as well as all those who did not and insisted I would fail.

Written and illustrated by S. Isaac Dealey

In Media Res is produced by S. Isaac Dealey Enterprises and DarkSIDE Press. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, you can reach us at the following address.

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Copyright: In Media Res is property of S. Isaac Dealey, S. Isaac Dealey Enterprises and DarkSIDE Press, copyright 1993, all rights reserved. Permission to reproduce is granted for personal use only.

Disclaimer: All characters and events herein are purely fictional. Accept where quoted, any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or real events is strictly unintentional. S. Isaac Dealey Enterprizes and DarkSIDE Press do not promote or condone the use of weapons or violence, or practice of the occult.