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As with many new projects, the GENRE Universe will take some time to take shape as a fully realized concept in written form. So I appologise ahead of time if it takes longer than I hope it will. Although the 'official' campaign supplements and character will be drawn from my original games, I will be more than happy to include material from other writers. Just send your submissions to me and I will try to edit and post them (along with the proper credits) on these pages. Together we can make GENRE a truly outstanding system.

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EVIL, INC. edition 1 published 1997


In the midmorning hours of July 17th, 1994, EVIL INC. made it's first ever appearance. Doc Power and his associate Huntera, broke into Ultra Corp, looking to steal a quantity of ICE-9. ICE-9 was a substance that was reputed to be able to cause mutagenic effects upon humans, granting them limited super powers. As they made their way to the laboratories they met with Assault and Battery, a duo of powerful mercenaries that wished to have the ICE-9 for themselves. Before hostilities could break out, Ultra Man and Mach One, two local heroes retained by Ultra Corp, showed up. Doc Power and Assault both realized that they had a common enemy and united against the heroes. Even outnumbered two to one the heroes drove the criminals back.

Back at Doc Power's lab, Assault explained that the only reason the heroes were able to defeat them was that they had experience working together. Doc Power agreed and proposed that all four of them should team up and train together to defeat their enemies and become even more powerful and successful in their ventures. Over the next few weeks they worked hard under the greatly experienced Assault to develope battle tactics and begin using team work.

Not long afterwards Ultra Corp was again attacked, but this time by a lone villain by the name of Backfire. Backfire, alone, was able to fight Mach One to a standstill, but was unable to defeat him with the arrival of Ultra Man. The two heroes were just about to put Backfire down when Doc Power and his newly formed group, calling themselves the Enterprising Villains In Larceny Incorporated, made their grand entrance. Mach One and Ultra Man soon had to retreat, but not before the ICE-9 and the lab it was in was completely destroyed by the heroes to keep the dangerous drug out of the hands of the criminals. Doc Power approached Backfire and invited him to join their group and Backfire readily agreed.

Ever since, EVIL Inc. has proven to be a thorn in the sides of law enforcement and hero groups across the world. Very few Primes, super powered beings, can withstand their combined might. Combined they are a nearly undefeatable team, bent on the acquisition of great wealth.


DOC POWER (aka Dr. Kirk Powers)

S4, A3, S3, P1, I3, P1


Extras: Doc's powersuit has infrared vision, and police band radio.

Skills: Electronics +3, Physics +2

Powers: Fly 4, Laser 4, Forcefield 4

Disads: Hunted by police, Public ID, Overconfident

Dr. Kirk Powers started his criminal career shortly after graduating college. He decided that with his skills and intelligence that a life of crime would prove very profitable. He soon became very wealthy. As he became known in the criminal underworld, he was contracted by a number of clients who wished for him to use his skills to create super technology to enhance their skills and powers. One client was Huntera, a lethal assassin who possessed minor powers, but extensive skill in her chosen profession.

Using his wealth he created his current powersuit and teamed up with Huntera. The two enjoyed a profitable business of theft and extortion until the circumstances at Ultra Corp. Now Doc Power is the head of the group, with Assault as his second in command and battle leader.

HUNTERA (aka Angela Brentwood)

S3, A4, S3, P1, I1, P1


Extras: Nightvision, Sensitive Hearing, police band radio.

Skills: Karate +3, US Infantry Weapons +1, Security Systems +1

Powers: Tough Body 3 (protects only vs physical attacks), Wallcrawling 3, Power Rifle 4 (has a 6 shot clip, fires at +2 for Ranged)

Disads: Hunted by police, Public ID, sensitive to sonic light based attacks because of enhanced senses.

Angela has always been coldblooded and ruthless. She killed her brother at the age of 15 to steal $50 and hasn't looked back since. She's a killer for money and will accept many jobs that others won't touch. She's very good at what she does and taunts police unmercifully. She would have probably been caught by now if not for the fact that she met Doc Power and is more than content to follow his lead. She resents, but respects, Assault and could care less about everyone else in the group.

BACKFIRE (aka Curt Wayne)

S2, A3, S3, P1, I1, P1


Extras: Infrared vision, and police band radio.

Skills: Blast (Power) +2

Powers: Fly 4, Blast 6, Forcefield 4

Disads: Hunted by police, Public ID, Reckless

Backfire has had his powers for as long as he can remember, and he can only recall the past few years. He has always used his powers for personal gain and has few morals. He is loyal to his friends and doesn't want anything to happen to them.

His powers seem to be based upon Telekinesis, but he has displayed no ability whatsoever in being able to lift objects.

ASSAULT (aka unknown)

S2, A2, S2, P2, I2, P1


Extras: Infrared vision goggles, and police band radio.

Skills: US Infantry Weapons +3, Demolitions +2, Martial Arts +2

Powers: Body Armor 3, Automatic Rifle 2, Grenades 4

Disads: Hunted by police, Secret ID

Assault has been a mercenary for over 15 years. He has worked for most every major government in the world. There is little he doesn't know about in his profession. He is the one who makes the connections between the group and their various employers for jobs.

BATTERY (aka unknown)

S4, A2, S2, P1, I1, P1


Extras: Infrared vision goggles, and police band radio.

Skills: Portable Rockets & Missiles +2

Powers: Body Armor 3, Rocket Launcher 5 (takes one Action to reload)

Disads: Hunted by police

Battery has been Assault's partner for three years now. They work very closely as a team and should be given bonuses when double teaming their targets.