Since the first posting of the GENRE rules, I have had many questions asked of me about many aspects of the game. After a time I began to notice that several questions kept cropping up. Here is the FAQ to answer those questions.

Q) Why did you choose such a small range of numbers for Attributes? At normal human levels everyone will look the same.

A) GENRE is a system designed for experienced players who often just need an 'idea' of what their character is capable of. They don't need to know that the character can lift a maximum of 225 pounds or any other confining definitions and limitations. GENRE was created to be able to simulate any power level and any setting of play. Characters vary widely from one campaign to another and the use of Skills and Extras ensures that characters aren't copies of one another.

Q) Will there be a Skills list posted later on?

A) I have no plans to post a Skills list in the future. GENRE is just a basis for players to create their own campaigns and 'house rules'.

Q) Can a character take such broad skills as say Ranged Weapons or All Melee Weapons?

A) No. A character would have to define his skills a little more than that. He could take Archery (all weapons dealing with archery), Handguns, Infantry Weapons, Swords, Heavy Weapons, Ninja Weapons and other more specific skill areas. It was decided for game purposes that Skills would represent 'areas of knowledge', granting a number of sub-skills, but not be all encompassing.

Q) If I have a +4 in Chemistry it says that I would have familiarity with such things as Computers and Advanced Testing Equipment, does that mean that I get +4 with them as well?

A) No. It only means that you are familiar with those skills. You would have a +0 Modifier when attempting to use those skills by themselves. Only when you are using them specifically with your Chemistry do you have a higher level of ability with them as you are more familiar with those specific types of applications and programs.

Q) Why does everything, except for additional Glory Points and HTK, cost the same? Wouldn't Powers be more expensive than Skills?

A) In some campaigns Skills can be just as, if not more, important that Powers. As Dice Masters are the ones that control the levels allowed into their games it was decided not to worry about character control and to make the character creation system as simple as possible.

Q) It says that I get back all my Glory Points at the beginning of each adventure, does that mean each time we start to play a new game?

A) Not necessarily. There are times when one game session can have several adventures played. Think of the word 'adventure' meaning 'chapter' and you begin to get the idea. The whole group might be fighting King Kong and saving the city one minute and then after they finish they hop across the globe to save the Queen of England from rabid chipmunks. This would be two adventures, but only take one game session to play.

Q) In combat is there any way to simulate characters being impaired or being beaten so badly they fight at less effectiveness?

A) That is up to each individual DM. Under the section COMBAT EFFECTS OTHER THAN HTK, it was shown that characters can impair their targets in other ways than just doing straight damage. A player could decide to try and 'stun' his opponent, this would mean that the character uses one success to force his opponent to make a Stamina vs. Attack (the attack's Power Factor) contest or be stunned (unable to act until the next round). A player could use two successes to force a check against being 'knocked cold' which would put an opponent down until they can make a successful Stamina vs. PF check to regain consciousness (check once each round).

Q) If GENRE is points based, why have levels?

A) Levels represent the overall experience of the characters as well as their luck. Levels are a reward to characters for their successes and give them the means for even greater successes in the future through additional HTK and Glory Points. These are bonuses above and beyond what the players purchase for themselves.

Well thats it for now. I'll post more faq's as they arise.